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Year-End Special – Please Practice

I ran across this article online – “Surprising Things Ultra Productive People Do Every Day” – by  Dr. Travis Bradberry  WOW  –  The secret!!!

Are you ‘ultra productive’? Or, just struggling not to lose your to-do list; let alone check items off?

If you follow me via my daily Facebook and/or LinkedIn tips or even visit my coaching website — you will not be surprised by Dr. Bradberry’s points.   I, too, have been saying the same thing.  His article has thus far received 7,016 likes —YES ~ 7, 016.  BUT, who is doing what either of us says??

Newsflash – if you do, you can be!

Set that goal for 2017 – be ‘ultra productive’.

  • Fight doing what seems to be ‘urgent’. That ‘fight’ makes you let go of the important – life/job/client sustaining goals.  Delegate!!
  • Only give your attention once [ 1x ].  Act, an keep moving.
  • “Eat the Frog”!  By doing the hardest (for whatever reason) task, first; you now free yourself to do the things that interest you. And your elephant has left the room.
  • Do not multitask – you miss stuff and worse — you do not know it!  And, then it is too late.
  • Prepare for tomorrow – today, before you leave your job or business.  Know why you want to return.  Return with answers to a challenge.  This give you PURPOSE.
  • Agenda – have and use one. [your day; meetings; phone calls]
  • Say “No”.
  • Check your email at designated times – stop constantly interrupting yourself.
    • Set alerts for important vendors, clients, customer
    • Prioritize messages by sender
    • Save rest of email for a later stopping point
  • Use technology.

Practice these steps, starting now through the end of the year.  Head into the new year with your defined ‘purpose of efficiency’!

3 Smart Strategies to Successful Prioritizing – (Priority Blog 3)

Prioritizing – tired of missing the mark?  The key lies in dismissing an element and working with the 3 remaining.

The 4 elements are:  Crisis; Work to do; Trivial Work; and Time Wasting Work.

Crisis – urgent occurrences that must be attended to {flat tire, you get sick, unannounced visit from Company President, child sick at school – you must go pickup, an accident}. An event you can not ignore or put off.

Work to do – an important portion of your life and day {contact clients, do the department budget, draft company newsletter, tasks that are significant to your objectives – no matter what you occupation}.  The planning and building blocks of and for your day.

Trivial Work – Though necessary – you spend way more time than you should {mail, phone calls, e-mails, general interruptions into your day (person(s) dropping-in}.  These activities are neither urgent nor important – they should be small fillers into our “work to do” — but, often they become ‘your day’!!

Time Wasting Work – put a stop to this 4th item – {busy work, phone games, sports following [especially at a particular play off time], TV}.  This is the land of distraction and waste.

When you spend your majority of hours doing the “Work to do” items, you will be very successful in establishing and completing your priorities.

And, the castor oil is “Urgent versus Important“.  You have heard this before but, I hope that you have a more workable context that you can apply to your life and … now, succeed.


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