3rd Thursday with GJ – Thursday, 18 July 2024 ~ “What Do YOU Want TO DO?”

Greetings – We are in the 2nd half of 2024! How are you doing?

NOW is definitely the time to be clearly achieving your goals. Cut out the disturbances and do what YOU need. Take some time to evaluate where you are now and where/how you want 2024 to end for you!! It will take PLANNING. Also, TRACKING.

Once you determine YOUR needs (tasks) to end on a successful note in December – develop your own habit tracker for YOUR NEEDS … and follow it. Be honest about whether you completed an activity or not. Review at the end of each week: Why was something NOT completed? How can you correct that? Is it really necessary? Then, readjust what is needed for YOUR coming week. DO leave time spaces for interruptions (life happens). This does not take long – you need to make this review time – your priority!

Find a style of Planner sheet that you like or design your own – if you want paper (a product that you can see, touch, feel, and check off). Or, find an app that you will use electronically. Do YOU!! But, do something that will keep you on track … your way!!

Much success as you reset your course for the balance of 2024. Should you need an assist – please, contact me. <- – -click


3rd Thursday with GJ, Thursday, 16 May 2024: “So! Why Are You Doing That?”

Greetings as this Month propels us … to what?? Your Choice!!

Are you on track? Or, are you stuck in procrastination?

A few quick pointers:

1/ Take time to think through ‘why’ a particular action is hard for you to do?
2/ What would make it easier for you to do?
3/ What is the ‘smallest’ step you can do to get started?
4/ STOP ~ when you definitely know ‘the next step’!! (You will have no trouble starting when you “KNOW” exactly what to do … [think about that].

That is it. Happy May!! GLORIA-JEAN

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3rd Thursday with GJ – Thursday, 18 April 2024; “Springing UP!”

Greetings – 18 April 2024

Some may have seen the announcement regarding the award (my delightful surprise!!) of achieving “Local Business Person of the Year” [for my Community]. I am working to improve my networking skills and in the process, also received a “2024 Community Supporter” badge. You do have to participate – in order to advance.

Planning is, so very, important to get where YOU want to go. It is as easy; or, it can be as hard as, – doing the right things at the right time. Reviewing what needs to be done and setting a course to achieve your goals. Do you need to collaborate with others? Draft your course of action. Identify the priority steps. Get them in the right order and definitely leave some time and space for interruptions.

Spring is here and you should be building in some “me” time. Get out and enjoy the sun and fresh air. Have at least one day a week with no meetings. The meetings that you do have – make them meaningful {agenda and a timeline}. Invite ONLY the necessary people.

Have an activity in your life that challenges YOU! My ‘guilty’ pleasure this year is WATERCOLOR.

If you need to chat with me – use this link.

Email me – if you are interested in taking the DiSC assessment – no coaching attached!!

​Happy Spring …. until next month…


3rd Thursday with GJ, Thursday, 21 March 2024 ~ “Quarterly Check”

Happy March!!! I am back from my Spring Break!! (You should do ‘something’ every quarter to rest, renew, and refresh yourself!!) So – where are you in your first quarter of 2024? On-track; horribly, off-track? Scrambling to stay afloat? Review!! Yes – review. Your planner for this quarter last year. Also, your planner for this quarter of 2024. Where is your focus? Are you meeting the clients you need to meet your goals? Start small and work your way up to a good system for YOU!

I would be remiss if I did not do a little self-promotion!! Please visit my Resource Page and check out the 2 podcasts I was honored to be a part of in February. [Click on Resource Page above]

If you haven’t already gotten yourself going … now is certainly the time! We are almost finished with the first Quarter. Write down what you need to accomplish. Set completion dates. Schedule those dates in your calendar. GET MOVING! It is never too late so long as you are in motion.

UNTIL next month… all the very best.


3rd Thursday with GJ – Thursday, 15 February 2024 ~ “Love Is In The AIR”

Greetings on this 15 February 2024. Curious timing – Valentine’s Day falling on Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent). So, clearly – “LOVE is in the air!”

Let’s zero in on YOU!! What self-love do you practice on you? Do you get a massage? Do you meet up with a good friend for lunch? Do you have an evening hobby time? Do you ‘make’ time in your day to have a quiet sit with a cup of tea? Do you make use of Day Planning – not too restrictive, life happens and interrupts!! But enough, that you have a definite flow to your day with tasks getting done that lead to an accomplished week?

If not, good time to put ‘YOU’ in the picture. Going 24/7 – leads to burnout.

Here are a few tips:

1. Use Saturday or Sunday to plan your coming week.

2. Keep an errands list. (When something ‘pops up’ – you have a place to write it down).

3. Leave room in your day for overflow.

4. Have a “theme” for your day, week, or month. It helps you stay focused. (If an emergency intrudes – handle it; then, get back on your path!)

5. Institute “me time” into your day. Going to a meeting – take a cup of tea or your favorite coffee. Go early and use 10 minutes of quiet time for you. Take the stairs for exercise. Are you the Presenter – drink a glass of water (keep the brain cells happy and other body parts).

​If you need any assistance, please contact me.

Resource Page

Until next month … each day is what YOU make it!​


3rd Thursday with GJ, Thursday,18 January 2024 ~ “Happy New Year, Is It?!!”

You are mid-way through the month. What is on tap? Working on your new plan? ‘Theme’ your day; ‘Theme’ your week {chose a focus}. If you have no idea what I am talking about – we need to chat, please schedule a 15-minute call!!

I am excited to share a 3rd Podcast link. I was invited to have a discussion with Thanh Pham, CEO of Asian Efficiency in December 2023. Our session aired 8 January 2024 { Click here }. The title is: “Discover How The DISC Personality Test Will Transform Your Productivity w/ Gloria-Jean Brown (TPS490)

​Have you chosen a Word/short Phrase for the Year 2024 (to keep you guided and on track)? Mine is ‘D.A.F.’ (Disciplined, Analytical, Focused)!

Did you take time to review 2023 – what were your WINS in those 365 days?? What do you want to build on in 2024? Do you have your first ‘self-care’ getaway of the year planned … I do – for March! You must take breaks from this high-paced living we are forced to do. Honestly, I do something every quarter. Some events are out of town; others are what we call “stay-cations”. There is plenty to do and see in your area, also. Or, spend a week enjoying your hobby. My new pursuit for 2024 is watercolor. Find something you enjoy or have wanted to do … and schedule relax-time to pursue!!

Don’t forget the “GJ Resource Page” <– Click. Short term coaching is available –> contact me.

All the best … until next month.


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3rd Thursday with GJ, 21 Dec 2023 ~ “Fun Times on The Way to New Reality”

Happy Holidays!!

Won’t hold you long; have some nuggets for the new year coming.

Do take time to review your 2023!! Was it all you wanted it to be? What do you want to see happen in 2024? What steps are you willing to take to bring that vision to fruition?

Put a little structure into your planning. Designate certain tasks for specific days. Have a day with NO meetings. Design your week for your way of working – for your style! If you don’t know your style – contact me <–{[email protected]} to purchase and take the DiSC assessment {no coaching required … unless you want to add accountability (smiles)}.

Interruptions come to us all – but they should be less when you have ‘crafted’ your day to your style. You are more naturally productive. You know your energy level highs and lows. You know your flow state and how to achieve it. Monday, you have a plan – you start our week strong. Tuesday brings unexpected events and you waiver or even drop our plan altogether. Wednesday, you stop to figure out ‘what happened’ – how do I get back on track? Thursday – much better. You have regained your footing. Friday – you close out as much as you can to end on a good note. All-in-all, the week was OK. But could it have been smoother; more decisive decisions made; you not so frazzled? There is a benefit in ‘self-care’.

And – NOW … the weekend is here. Time to review last week and draft your plan for the coming week. Will you make it past Tuesday … unscathed?

HAPPY BLESSED CHRISTMAS SEASON TO YOU AND YOURS!! Enjoy and have fun and get ready for a tremendously, productive 2024.


website: https://CoachingbyGJ.com

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3rd Thursday with GJ – Thursday, 16 November 2023 ~ “Maximize Holiday Fun”

Happy November to everyone. I will share this remembrance piece for your holiday planning and to help remind you to maximize your enjoyment your way!!

Stress-less Holidays in 10 Steps

[You choose who you are with, where you go and what activities you do – make it FUN!]

1. Starting with Thanksgiving – do something to help those less fortunate (give money, give can goods, cook for someone, drive someone to a Thanksgiving event…..something!!) Then, enjoy your day but, in moderation. Enjoy all – but, in small portions – take your time, don’t fill your plate to overflowing. Take time to enjoy the different foods you will be blessed to eat. Enjoy the company of those you are with. If you are normally alone – invite a friend, co-worker, a neighbor, a widow/widower in your neighborhood to eat with you.

2. List the Christmas holiday traditions that are important to you….and do them.

3. Make a list of “work” to be done: Order/Purchase Christmas/New Year cards. Send e-cards [You can select the date in advance for the e-cards to be sent].

4. Make your gift list. Then —- buy, make, ‘find’ wrapping paper and supplies. Or, use Gift Bags.

5. Test your Christmas lights. Find your decorations. Select date to purchase tree.

6. Take care of your out-of-town or out-of-the country gifts that need to be mailed so you can save on postage. Try to mail by 7 Dec to save extra postage and they should receive in plenty of time. Insure any valuables or breakables!!

7. Plan your gift giving within your budget, so you can not only enjoy the holidays; but, the New Year, as well. And not cringe because you overspent in December!! Bake cookies, give a coffee or tea selection, make popcorn and put out in ‘cute’ jars or bowls..

8. Spread holiday cheer with those in need. Give someone’s name to a “Secret Santa”; take some children to the movies, or bowling, or a drive to see the Christmas decorations downtown. Remember – it is the little things that make the difference.

9. Use your calendar to schedule the activities you need to do. Mailing packages, baking, singing carols, etc.

10. Shop for next year’s cards, decorations and some gifts (Bath and Body Works sales, Hummel or Precious Angels ornaments your friends like, etc.) ~ 27-30 December. Put those items in a box and discreetly label, so you can find next November and be ready to do the list again.

Wisdom is ‘to do’ in decency and in order. God will direct your steps and not only will you enjoy but, you will be a blessing to others …and, stay in Peace.

Gloria-Jean Brown

Efficiency/Time Management Coaching


3rd Thursday with GJ, Thursday, 19 October 2023 ~ “What Do You Need?”

Before Paragraph 3 – our theme this month, I have two important items to share:

  1. Thank You to Paulette Smith, President of FOZA, for inviting me to be on her podcast as we talked about “Overcome Your Overwhelm”, Episode #25! This is the YouTub link –> “Overcome Your Overwhelm” (scroll down, CLICK on my photo in the ad, watch, and listen!!).

2. Start TODAY to develop your 2023 holiday list of not only gifts but celebrations you what to have and attend. Get your decorations out and test all is working. Make reservations for special events. Enjoy the season and do not put yourself in debt to do it!!

Happy October!! What do you need to do? Are things going well? Or, do you need to put some measures in place so you can enter 2024 on a more positive note? Have you considered ‘theming’ – but don’t know how to start? Are you thinking I could use some coaching to get me pointed in the right direction? If so, please contact me!!

You really only have about 30-35 days of really productive time before the kickoff of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. SO – what is it you need to be doing?

What is it you need to reach your target goals? Start with small, quick wins, before gearing up to bigger tasks. What is it you want to achieve? What steps will it take for your success? Break those down into daily actionable tasks; and start DOING!!

What routines and/or systems do you need in place for you to be successful in your environment? Get really CLEAR about YOUR “essential intent” (YOUR desired outcome); then, execute.



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3rd Thursday with GJ ~ Thursday, 21 September 2023 – “Build STRONG In A New WAY!!”

September has arrived – changes have started! Are you still doing things YOUR old way … waiting for a miracle? Try thinking/tasks … in a different way. A new, refreshing, and invigorating way. Ask for help or delegate.

I was very pleasantly surprised with a collaboration request last month!! To assist in sharing specific, positive productivity input for women and families affected by Postpartum Depression, Suicides, and related Maternal Mental illnesses; and the children left behind ~ [FOZA, Inc.] “Friends of Zanye Adams”. Please click this linkfor more detailed information. The organization is lovingly nurtured by Paulette Smith. This link will also be added to my Resources Page.

Take time to review your day/week/month – what ‘new’ approaches can you design for yourself to further YOUR goals, YOUR way? What is the ideal routine for YOU? Draft it out and start doing it – tweak what/where YOU need. Multitasking wears on you – set “Time Blocks” for specific task(s) (suggest 2 per day). Be focused and undisturbed during those times (30 minutes; 1 hour).

Need assistance to fine-tune your processes, contact me for short-term Coaching!!!



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[email protected] {or, visit website ‘proofreading’ tab for more information}