“SAY SO by GJ” – ‘Spring has Sprung’ ~ 21 March 2020

Spring is here – and it isn’t the least bit concerned with what we are going through. Things have CHANGED and will continue evolving. But for most of us – we do have a gift of time. No rush hour traffic. No rushing to get out of the house; or, drop children at school. No electricity loss or snow to shovel.

This is a time to review and re-evaluate what we do, why we do it and possibly – how we can improve on our processes. And though we have ALL been up-ended some sort of way – we may find that we don’t want to return to our ‘old’ status quo. We may be in this ‘home’ holding pattern – longer that we anticipated. So, please DO make the best of this time. For you and for your family.

Practice ‘time blocking’: your work assignements; your children school lessons; time to get out of the house: a walk; a science lesson; exercise warm-up; or just sit in the sun for 15 minutes. Perhaps, a family dinner cooking together time (you are all there).

I know some have thought – I can do some decluttering. Do YOU have a plan? Here is an easy start – get a notebook and then go sit in each room and write a listing of what you want done in that room ( paint; closet clean-out; drawers reorganized; medicine cabinet cleanout; under bathrooom sink… list goes on. This applies to your car(s) and garage. It is Spring!! For those with children – let them help; but, make it fun for them. Everyone can do something.

Use this time to structure and implement the morning and/or evening rituals you have wanted to do. Start a 15 minute exercise routine (You Tube or a phone app). Use your drive time for a new purpose – some may even get 90-120 minutes for something new. Color – start your own zen time of artistic beauty. Jigsaw puzzles for the you and the chidren. Plant a vegetable garden or flowers.

Feel free to contact me for other ideas at gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com. If interested in short term coaching or reading some of my other blogs for ideas, please visit at https://CoachingbyGJ.com

Happy Spring!!!

“SAY SO by GJ” – Special Edition – ‘Get to Work, Productively’ ~ (Covid-19 edition) – 18Mar2020

A lot of you are trying to adjust to not only working from home; but, also, having your children home; and possibly a spouse (FULL HOUSE). Everyone needs space. Everyone has tasks to do. If you are one who normally works from home – – now you have constant companions (smiles).

First thing each morning – get together and map out [brain storm] what must be done that day.

Divide up working space. Set posted schedules for all work time; homework time for children; eating; recreational time; even ~ decluttering time (since everyone is there!!); and family FUN time. Have a room where adults can make necessary work phone calls to clients or join in a conference call ( in relative quiet ).

Weather permitting – go outside for a walk; game of dodge ball; let the sun shine on you for 15 minutes. Each person take turns walking the dog.

Pay attention to your energy levels – something you might not have been able to do in an office/school setting. If you wake up at 3AM and can’t go back to sleep – get up and do some work! Go back to sleep. Should you find you need a nap at 10:30AM – take it for 30 minutes (reset) – get up and get back at it.

Pomodoro ~ is your friend and your family!! You work FOCUSED on a task for 25 minutes; then – take a madatory … 5 minute break. Then – start another 25 minute session. Complete (3) cycles and take a 30 minute break.

This is the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique

This too shall pass! But while we are in the thick of it – make the time as pleasurable as possible. After all ~ you are home with family!!

“SAY SO by GJ” – On The Journey ~ 21 Feb 2020

WoW – February is moving along. Where are you on your journey?

This month I am highlighting (2) resources: iMark Interactive (Word Press Developer and Trouble Shooter) Please click here to visit iMark. – Greyson Bell; and ConvertKit ~ Please “click here to experience ConvertKit for yourself. (Your one stop for communicating with others; informative webinars; exceptional customer service, and, free month to check it out).

Here are your 3 short pointers for February 2020:

1. Once you have your focus [on the right targets]; you can achieve consistent flow.

2. Once you ‘do’ handle your toughest project; you free your mind to handle the other thousand thing to be done. The elephant has left the room.

3. Batching can be good when applied the correct way – tasks ~ you need to do that are similar; meetings ~ based on your location; have a meeting free day; use conferencing, when you can … with a strict agenda and the necessary people!

If you need my coaching assistance, CONSIDER **Your behavior style is equally valuable and we are a mix of all four; but, which is the most dominant? Are you working productively or consistently trying to ‘fix’ yourself? Are you ‘firm’; or, ‘lively’; or, ‘private’; or, ‘patient’? – PLEASE contact me at gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com [Time Management; Efficiency/Productivity]. Click here to view my coaching website page. If you are ready – 3 months is your ticket. Make an appointment to talk and get any questions you have answered.

Please visit my resource page on my website (https://coachingbyGJ.com) – your Marketing TYPE assessment; other saving resources [ shopping; groceries; solar power saving, without any equipment, on your electric bill ]. Check periodically, as new affiliate sources will be added.

​Until next month – spend some quiet time evaluate your procedures and the rituals your want to be your motivation! Your CTA (call to action) – Contact me.

Gloria-Jean Brown gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com https://coachingbyGJ.com

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“Say So by GJ” – 21 Jan 2020

Are You READY?

A very HAPPY New Year/Happy Decade to each of you!!!!

If you need my coaching assistance – PLEASE contact me at gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com [Time Management; Efficiency/Productivity]. Click here to view my coaching website page. If you are ready – 3 months is your ticket. Make an appointment to talk and get any questions you have answered.

Please visit my resource page on my website (https://coachingbyGJ.com) – your Marketing TYPE assessment; other saving resourses [ shopping; groceries; solar power saving, without any equipment, on your electric bill ]. Check periodically, as new affiliate sources will be added.

Here are your 3 short pointers for January 2020:

1. Take a day off (periodically) for special interest activities (YOURS): a sporting event; a concert; take spouse and/or children on an outing; 1st ball game of spring.

2. You DO need coaching if you are feeling ‘out of control’; or, you are tossing and turning all night instead of sleeping soundly!!

3. The better you control your days, the more productive you will be.

Until next month – remember small steps get you where you want to go when they are focused and determined. Your CTA (call to action) – Contact me.

Gloria-Jean Brown gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com https://coachingbyGJ.com

“SAY SO by GJ” – 23 Dec 2019 ~ Come ON … Click! Year End Sharing :)

A Blessed Christmas (Happy-Fun-Safe) and fruitful and productive New Year – Let’s go big … DECADE; is my wish for YOU!!

To that end – you should be designing your day to YOUR rhythm; not reacting to what comes at you all the time.

Your daily plan should be serving YOU. If it isn’t – ADJUST and REVISE; then, move forward. Even if slowly … keep moving, so you are progressing!


  1. Resource Page is up and ready for your visiting. New links will be added monthly – do check back.
  2. There is a new link for the Marketing Personality profile (on the Resource Page).
  3. I am available for short term coaching to assist you witih getting a good start with your goals in the New Year.

This is short and sweet – now go … RELAX. Have fun with Friends and Family.

Gloria-Jean Brown gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com

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“SAY SO by GJ” – 21 Nov 2019 ~ New Decade Coming – Are You Ready?

Hey, it is November. Thanksgiving RIGHT around the corner (next week)! Are you traveling or everyone is coming to your home this year? Have your Christmas shopping list done? Is it on your phone, so when you see a deal you can get it and know who the gift is for? DO YOU have a shopping / gift list on your Trello board – – or, Asana – – or, even EXCEL?

Let me not forget to mention … Time is UP. This year brings an end to a decade and we launching into a new one on January 1st. So – are you really where you want to be? The next 45 days or so are going to fly by: turkey, football, decorating, cooking, shopping, pine trees, wrapping, traveling, flying, driving, cold weather (for most), children home from school.

  1. Plan and Schedule – they go hand-in-hand. If you want to accomplish something (goal), you must set aside adequate time to perform the task. Schedule it like a Doctors’ appointment.
  2. Be specific in your goals/tasks; be able to measure your progress; set them in achievable chucks of time; be certain they are realistic; and set time perimeters for each step. s-m-a-r-t = SMART goals!!
  3. Don’t let time-wasting activities trip you up to make you think you are do ‘something” — constant checking of email–social networking sites–IM: set a specific time to check 3x per day.
  4. Important versus Urgent ~ Important – those things that contribute significantly to your objectives. Urgent – those things that require immediate attention. All activities have some degree of urgent and importance built-in. Stick to the Important/non-urgent ‘work to do’.
  5. Learn to say “No”. If your ‘plate’ is full – let others know. Give someone else a chance to assist. You do everyone a disservice when you say ‘yes’ and are unable to handle your portion!! Especially the stress you inflicted on yourself!!
  6. Prepare a plan with a libel amount of flexibility; but have some idea of what YOU want to accomplish with each and every day (3 major goals/task).
  7. Break large projects into smaller pieces over several days. Aim to finish two days before due dates. Delegate to competent persons, with specific instructions and timelines.
  8. Make time to relax yourself – sit in a quiet room; get a massage; have lunch with a friend who makes you laugh; get more than 4 hours sleep; go to a funny movie; go sit at the Beach or in a Park; get some ice cream and sit and think of nothing but the flavor!!

I am available to assistance with your coaching needs. (smiles)

Have a HAPPY, SAFE, FUN and by all means ‘PEACEful’ Holiday time with friends and family.

Gloria-JeanBrown  gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com www.CoachingbyGJ.com

My Gift to YOU … Shop Responsibly

First – Yes, I am sharing ‘affiliate marketing’ links with you. This means that should you make a purchase, I do receive a small percentage for introducing the link … AT NO additional cost to you.

Holiday shopping has started. There was a story on our local news show about some of rebates you can receive for shopping: all types of stores; clothing; GROCERIES; gifts; electronics; phone/phone accessories; toys. The money can be deposited into your bank account of choice; with some – – as your savings grow – you can use that savings to pay for your purchases. Some may pay you quarterly. Also, some you can link to your Grocery shopper loyalty card and your purchases will automatically be processed – if you purchased an item that you have on your preference list – (example: Weis). Walmart – you can just scan the QR code box at bottom of the receipt.

I suggest that you download the specific extension to your computer – then, when you are looking or even ready to make a purchase – a message will pop up do you want to activate your savings and what your percentage is (example: Rakuten, formerly e-Bates). You will NOT miss an opportunity to save; or, FORGET to set it in motion. During this season – many companies have different specials every day!! So, if you are shopping anyway …. You might as well save!

Personally, I have been using these various links for the past 1½ years. Some of the strictly grocery saving sites will require you to set up your buying preferences – you scan your receipt, or scan the bar code of your product to process you savings.

I will be adding a resources page on my website by years’ in – but, until then – – let the Shopping with SAVINGS begin.


1. IBOTTA – click on this link select you groceries preferences update weekly with new items, ‘hot’ items, or ‘for you’ items.

2. FetchRewards – click here for this offer. (USE my referral code BG8PF at the sign-up screen and you will receive 2,000 FETCH points with your first receipt). You can scan receipts and accumulate points to redeem against various categories.

General Shopping:

3. Rakuten – Click on this for the offers. Recommend that you also download the extension for your computer or laptop, so you always receive the remeinder and won’t miss the rebates offers.

Solar discounting on your electronic invoicing: NO EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED to participate.

4. Arcadia Power – www.arcadiapower.com Please 1st check to see if this is available in your area. Read about the benefits and join. Click here on Referral code link

Again – I am sharing ‘affiliate marketing’ links with you. This means that should you make a purchase, I do receive a small percentage for introducing the link … AT NO additional cost to you.

If you experience any difficulty with these links; or, have any additional questions – please contact me – Gloriajean@CoachingbyGJ.com

Thank YOU!! Shop responsibly!!! …. GJ Brown

“SAY SO by GJ” ~ ‘4 Behavior Styles That Need Coaching’ ~ 21Oct19.

Happy Monday (in mid-October 2019)

Well – here we are. In 90 days, we will be in mid-January 2020. Yes – 2020!! Are you ready for the coming decade? Have you thought about Coaching? Mentoring? What do you need? Why? Are you on track with your goals? Are you working at your optimum pace and enjoying good relations with your co-workers and your family.

Are you working from your strengths? Your strength might be that of self-confidence, taking charge; or, accuracy in analysis of a project; or, exhibting patience and a calm approach to a situation; or, enthusiatic optimism for the your work or family team.

Do you feel that you work more from your weaknesses? Afraid to be wrong and thus do not sharing your opinion. Afraid of social rejection and being left out. Think you will lose control if you let others participate. Or, you fear change and loss of harmony. Therefore, your input is seldom acknowledged or used.

Knowing your behavior style and being coached to work from your strengths; to recognize other’s styles, so you can communicate more effectively … is priceless.

How does the quiet, reserved person speak their mind/share information to the forceful manager? Would the direct, sometimes insensitive person, be received warmly by the humble, patient and calm worker? Is the analyst ignored when they try to share their findings that all may not be well in the organization?

We all bring something to the table. But, we are more willing to share our gifts and talents when we are respected and can feel a level of comrodary within our group; be it at work or at home.

This is why working from your strengths is the better option. But, you have to intermix with other in your space. How to best do this so everyone has a reasonably pleasant experience? By knowing your behavior style and being able to recognize the style of those around you. Short-term coaching is for you!

I have two offers for you: one is to purchase your behavior assessment {4 behavior styles: direct; impact; stabilizing; and careful/correct} and after completion – read your (approximate 20 page) report; and I will provide a 15 minute review via a phone consultation call. *Please use this link or go to my website and click on link to schedule an appointment. Or, feeling the need for accountability and a deeper dive – we can set up a 3-month coaching arrangement. You might want to, also, want to take the time management assessment to determine your level of competence (if in a coaching arrangement – I help you work on your top 3 priority areas that you determine). You will also have a report that gives you an overview of the 12 ‘time’ categories {attitudes, goals, priorities, analyzing, planning, scheduling, interruptions, meetings, written communications, delegation, procrastination, and team time}; shares Key Concepts for each; and, an area to draft your action plan. You will receive a ranking in the one of the 5 levels of time management. Please email me (click here) to get any questions answered regarding Coaching. Let’s make 2020 your best yet!!

Gloria-Jean Brown … gloriajean@coachingbygj.com

“SAY SO by GJ” – 20 Sep 19

Happy Autumn – soon 2020 will be a reality. Are you on track to be ready?

  1. Are you going to close 2019 the way you really want?
  2. Are your systems working for you?
  3. Are you willing to invest in short term coaching to get on track?

Do you fear loss of control; disapproval; loss of harmony; or, perhaps – being wrong. I can help you re-discover and learn to work from your strengths: to take action; be enthusiastic; enjoy collaborating; and, utilize accurate procedures.

If you are serious, you can be on your way to YOUR success in 3 months.

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash 

If you know of any Coaches who would like to have access to the DiSC Assessment (USA only) to use with their Clients – please let me know. That is a service I am providing.

GJ Client Testimonal: “Gloria-Jean has inspired me to take a step back, get an overview of my situation, and adjust one simple thing to make my time management more efficient. She has saved me from wasting valuable precoius time just by making a few little changes”. Lisa S.

New e-Book is available on Amazon ~ “365+ Tips To A More Efficient YOU (How to Increase your Efficiency by 55%)”.

Productivity tips in 7 categories: Analyzing, Planning/Scheduling, Procrastination, Email Control, Efficient/Productive, Goals/Habits, and General. PLUS, bonus topics: Meetings and Team Work. Over 365 tips, when applied with reflection and focused discipline, will enable you to increase your efficiency … as high as you want. Be intentional in the pursuit of YOUR goals and aspirations.

Be sure to still follow my tips 3x per week on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. But, better yet engagement me to coach you, in your way of behavior, to better equip yourself to reach YOUR goals. Click here for more information.

Remember ~ You can only control YOU. Be intentional and focused, so you can do your task one time. If you need assistance, let me help YOU! <–click

Gloria-Jean Brown gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com  www.CoachingbyGJ.com 

Just Had To Share …. 5 Sep 2019 (Gloria-Jean Brown)

As you may know – I am revamp my coaching approach and the tips that I share with all. But, I received a expanded report of my ISTJ style last week – that has provided enlighten guidance and direction.

If you are in business – you need to get your own.

If you are an employee, you need to get your own. Learn to be the best worker with a few tweaks based on your style. [Less stress; Promotions; Bonu$es can be yours … with very little effort].

Expanded Report tells me:  Where my greatest impact lies; Content Strategy; My Communication Style; Best Content;  Social Media Strategy; Lead Magnet Strategy; Work Style and more….YES, more.

Here is the affiliated link I have shared before – (NOW is the TIME):

If you are interested in knowing your marketing personality style, – please click this- ->affiliate link for information on how to obtain your personal report. The link will connect you to Brit Kolo. Should you make a purchase, I do receive a small percentage, at no additional cost to you, for introducing the link.

(little under) 4 months to 2020!! On track? – need short term coaching? contact me. 

Gloria-Jean Brown gloriajean@CoachingbyGJ.com www.CoachingbyGJ.com