Greetings – 18 April 2024

Some may have seen the announcement regarding the award (my delightful surprise!!) of achieving “Local Business Person of the Year” [for my Community]. I am working to improve my networking skills and in the process, also received a “2024 Community Supporter” badge. You do have to participate – in order to advance.

Planning is, so very, important to get where YOU want to go. It is as easy; or, it can be as hard as, – doing the right things at the right time. Reviewing what needs to be done and setting a course to achieve your goals. Do you need to collaborate with others? Draft your course of action. Identify the priority steps. Get them in the right order and definitely leave some time and space for interruptions.

Spring is here and you should be building in some “me” time. Get out and enjoy the sun and fresh air. Have at least one day a week with no meetings. The meetings that you do have – make them meaningful {agenda and a timeline}. Invite ONLY the necessary people.

Have an activity in your life that challenges YOU! My ‘guilty’ pleasure this year is WATERCOLOR.

If you need to chat with me – use this link.

Email me – if you are interested in taking the DiSC assessment – no coaching attached!!

​Happy Spring …. until next month…

3rd Thursday with GJ – Thursday, 18 April 2024; “Springing UP!”