Please contact me by email to initially establish an email link to send your document(s), if we decide to move forward with your project. Email address: [email protected]

I have been working remotely for about 20 years in the coaching environment.  I certainly know and appreciate time management efficiencies with regard to tasks and timelines.  I studied using The Chicago Manual of Style.  I would be interested in reviewing your specific style guide sheet(s).  Or, I can set up a preference sheet for your project. I will be interested to learn of your general timing and frequency of work project submissions. I have learned a lot and I am always open to reasonable, constructive feedback – that benefits both of us. I have completed proofreading activities for friends and family for years.  In my recently completed course, I received extensive training in reading various documents and learned diverse research methods. My pricing structure is in line with EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association) recommendations and I have an established PayPal account for invoicing. For large projects, a 20% down payment will be required.

“The proofreader is typically the last set of eyes on any kind of paper or article. By the time the proofreader sees the final draft, it has already been edited by either the author or an editor. The job of the proofreader is to look for punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and grammar errors; it doesn’t involve making changes to sentence structure or making the writing “tighter” for better readability, as those are the things an editor does.”

Look forward to hearing from you.