“Timed Productivity” ~ Pesky Resolutions (17 January 2019/Thursday BLOG) 3/52

How are you and more importantly – YOUR 2019 Resolutions?

Willpower thwarted by life … yet, again.

Change your mindset. 1 January is not a magic starting point — re-set is always your option; whenever you feel it is necessary. Strengthen your resolutions so they can withstand turbulence.

Some goals are complex – do you know all the phases of what you want to accomplish? Do your research. Readjust your goals and get started and don’t stop.

Don’t be hard on yourself. You have plenty of time to reach your goals.

  1. Re-prioritize your goals.
  2. Build a support system.
  3. Develop a tracking system and review monthly your up and downs.

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“Timed Productivity” ~ Clear to Neutral 2/52


Welcome to week 2 – THURSDAY 10 January 2019. Clear to Neutral (CTN) – sound a little strange. Neutral is your starting point to achieve what you need in YOUR best environment possible.

Going to fix some breakfast —- SKEECH…dirty dishes and pans in the sink!! Had you washed your dishes/pans last night – your kitchen would be ready for you – Neutral. Do you have the food you want to fix ….or, is Food at the grocery store.

There is something that sets your tone for the day – making your bed when you get out of it!! Having been in the military ~ this is a no-brainier for me (smiles). No retreat!! Onward into your day.

You are leaving your office. What did you leave behind? An office desk “cleared” and a post it note with the 3 top items for tomorrow when you come in? OR – a mess of papers and phone call slip of people you have to contact. Did you look at your calendar — any meetings first thing or you will just surprise yourself when you get in?

  • 1. Examine what are your current habits?
  • 2. Where can you introduce “CTN” into your activities?
  • 3. Write out the steps (save in your phone) – – do DAILY to build new productive habits.

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“Timed Productivity” ~ 3 Efficient Steps 1/52

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Welcome to the Inaugural blog of 2019 – as well as – Happy Birthday to me!! Look for me on Thursdays.  This writing will expound, a little, on a topic from this week’s TIPs theme.  Goal is to provide value to you with a short commentary and 3 steps that you can implement each week.  Please share with others.  Please share any topic ideas with me. Let get started on our journey.

As we are starting a new year – realize that it takes times to change your habits.  Be clear about what you want to achieve.  Write out your desired results (What are you working towards?  Why?)   Take on change 1 habit at a time – be intentional about your activities.  Journal your accomplishments –  (list 3 per day).

  1.  Subscribe to newsletter(s) that help you NOW in achieving your   goals.  Unsubscribe from ALL OTHERS.
  2.  Listen to podcast/tapes/books while going to and from work or Client   appointments.
  3.  ReRead books that have helped you meet your goals. Look for new   wisdom!

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You Heard It; Pretty Sure It Works – Why Haven’t YOU??

Happy 1st of May – Surprise!! I just HAD TO SHARE.  You need to up your PRODUCTIVITY.  It is May – 5th month of 12 for 2018.  Where are you in your December 2017/January 2018 goals?  I won’t ask about resolutions (smiles).

To be more productive:

  1. Plan the night before
  2. Work when YOUR energy level is highest
  3. Have a defined Morning Routine
  4. Don’t open email until afternoon
  5. Turn off phone/ computer IM chimes – focus and do what you need to do
  6. Close your door – post a note of the time you will be available again
  7. Use Pomodoro method [work 25 minutes; take MANDATORY – 5 minute break; repeat]
  8. Take an 8 oz.  drink water break; throw in some stretching … on to next task project

Told you – you have heard this before!!  But why are YOU not utilizing these steps?

When you have a 3 task to do list (per day) – you CAN actually get it done.  Or, make significant traction on accomplishment.  Always build in more time than you think you will need – suggestion, double the time.  You can’t get it when you realize you need it … and don’t have it.  Example:  Your drive to office or client is 25 minutes.  You leave – only to get on the main road and there is an accident and you only have “your 25 minutes”!!  We have all been there.  Even another road is now taken up with traffic by those trying to avoid the accident. So, you leave home; it did only take 25 minutes – WOW, what to do with the extra time.  Review your day calmly; draft some notes; review your client’s file ~ so you are on-point with their needs; read; get a glass of water; tidy your desk; quick exercise routine.

Always have a Plan B – just in case.  Have a book to read; puzzle book to engage your mind.  If you have Kindle on your phone – read a favorite genre book you like.  Develop a list of errands – (on your phone, always with you, anyway) – you can do when you find you have extra time or in are in a certain location.  Maybe your client’s cancel and rescheduled.  It isn’t always traffic (smiles).

You won’t make changes until YOU see YOUR need to do so.  When something ‘bugs’ you enough – you do something about it.  It did take a while to find a process; but, I can now zero my emails DAILY in 30 minutes and I have 5 accounts!! And have been doing so since the middle of April.

Here is a goal, from Dallas Willard:  “Ruthlessly eliminate hurry”.

Please – have a happy and productive May 2018.  Plan some summer fun with your extra time.

Gloria-Jean  (GJ) Brown  –  www.CoachingbyGJ.com



New Year — New Changes coming — Stay tuned

Hello Website Visitor,  I wish for you a most delightful Christmas Season in this December 2017.  That you will avail yourself to become prepared for 2018 and all the goodness and new trends and techniques for YOU to soar to YOUR best self!!

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I will be updating this site ‘soon’ and will, then, begin a new blog series – so, check back and stay tuned.

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Happy New Year —  GJ



I am back … but, need your assistance (or, you can forward to an interested person). I am going to be developing a mini-course to help YOU stop feeling overwhelmed with what you have to do, need to do, and want to do.  I need YOUR input to develop a product YOU feel is useful to YOU and for YOU.

 Please respond to this question:  “What is your biggest frustration with accomplishing your daily tasks?”  

Please respond at:  gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com

Are YOU the “Star” Player on Your TEAM (Team Time Blog 12)

Is your team a happy team? Or, would your team be, except for 1 person? Are you that person?  Do you know ‘that’ person?  There is no ‘I’ in TEAM!! There are basics of ‘good’ team dynamics:  Support, Think of Others and Mutual Influence are the cornerstones of  effective team synergy.

Good teams operate best with positive work relationships. Keep dialog open and ongoing  with ALL members. If a distraction occurs toward the team goal, let them know right away.  Perhaps, a redistribution of work can be done; another person assigned; or, an extension requested.

Respect your team member’s time – the way you want your time respected!! If you need help with a segment of your task – ask for it … early.  Don’t wait until you are suppose to be wrapping up or launching a new system to let your team know YOUR PART is NOT complete (for whatever reason). Have periodic brainstorming sessions with EVERYBODY present, or connected via phone. Everyone should feel their contribution is equally important; because, IT IS!

Help each other out so tasks can be completed on time.  Look for ways to improve your team’s working together.  Perhaps, your group would prefer early morning meetings; or email update of assignments (Who, What task, and When due).  Your group may prefer a bi-weekly conference call.  Perhaps, an after hours meeting for a 30-minute project update.  Poll your team members to ascertain what would be conducive to your team.

Make use of project management software if your project really warrants that and that all members have the same edition of software.  Have a class with the entire team in attendance (hook in out-of-area members via a webinar) to go over how the software works and ‘tips/tricks’ for ease of use — don’t assume they ALL know how to use a software dynamic efficiently!!  Use Google Doc or Dropbox or other similar software. Make it easy for your team to be all they can be!

Be very mindful of your deadline to submit your part.  Always have and USE an agenda for meetings so you do not get off track.

A happy team is a productive and efficient problem solving entity!  Share the load and have fun.





Didn’t Want to Be Late (Procrastination Blog 11)

Certainly not wanting to be late discussing procrastination, I started this writing 22 days before it will post.


Why do you procrastinate?  Have you really thought about it? Look closely at what you procrastinate about doing?

Is it because of  —  fear; traumatic childhood event; lack of skill? It is NOT about time!! surprised!!!

Taxes – you have to pull together ‘stuff’ you have forgotten.  Where are those receipts? You meant to make a note of that – did you?  Where is it?  You started tracking expenses last year January and February?  What happened?

Annual work budget.  Need feedback from other departments. Still have to notify them you need their input. Where are my reports to pull my numbers?

Annual conference coming up – You have to write your speech.  What is this year’s theme?

Do you wash clothes ONLY when nothing else is left clean to wear?  Rather than:   Friday is laundry day.  Making use of an assigned space and time!

Do you live in a sea of ‘not getting things done’?  Do you think it is only YOU?


We do make TIME for people, events, and things/stuff we WANT to do – so, what is the problem?

You put off what is unpleasant to you; you put off things that are difficult; you put off making ‘tough’ decision.  Address the ‘elephant’ in YOUR room.  ‘We” tend to do 15 other smaller, less important tasks — hoping the ‘elephant’ leaves, it does NOT!!


In order to be fiscally responsible you need to pay your bills and obligations.  In order to do that you need to make sure there is money in the bank to cover the checks you are going to write  … (before you go on your vacation; before you buy the golf clubs; before the dress-shoe-purse ensemble; and now days…before you go to the movies!).  So, when do you allot time to sit down and do the bank reconciliation to KNOW exactly how much money you have?  Do you have a list of payments coming up – renewals, car registration, membership fees, children’s school trip events – the list IS LONG!  How much disposable cash do you have?  Procrastination will have you flying by the seat of your pants. Versus, you know what you have; you paid what you needed; this is what you can spend on fun and relaxation. And, you know what is coming to be paid.


Admit you are stuck. Get assistance – whether from people, technology, or both. Stop doing things that do NOT matter; start building your life around what does. Set up your plan to do it ‘your’ way.   Procrastination can only be solved by positive action. Positive action … not perfectionism.  Take positive steps to remedy YOUR situation; make adjustments as needed to fit you, your business and your family’s lifestyle.


Whose Got Your Back?? (Delegation Blog 10)

Consider how you will manage your project BEFORE you begin.  Will you need help? When/where will you need help?  People help or technology?

When the time comes, get the correct help – people who are skilled in what you need — not just a warm body!!  You ARE ultimately responsible for the project’s outcome. Decide on the controls you need and valid progress checkpoints (no micro-managing), before the Delegate is selected.

Write the steps that you need to have accomplished.  Review with your ‘Delegate(s)’. Answer any questions they may have (always leaving the door open for future clarification where/when needed). Have them sign it – as a show of acknowledgement of what you want done and have discussed with them.  This protects both parties.

Important aspects – Responsibility:  the job assignment;  Authority:  right to act and make necessary decisions;  Accountability:  answering for actions (reward and punishment, it necessary).

Let me point out the levels of authority.  There are 8.   1) Delegate fact finds, you decide; 2) Delegate suggest alternative, you decide; 3) Delegate recommends an alternative, you decide; 4) Delegate make a decision, waits for your approval; 5) Delegate decides and acts unless you say ‘no’; 6) Delegate acts, reports results to you; 7) Delegate acts, reports if unsuccessful; 8) Delegate acts, reporting not needed (highest authority).

Please be patient with others ~ in that they will most likely have their way of doing things ~ your interest IS the end result.  Don’t stress – learn to live with the differences.