Greetings on this 15 February 2024. Curious timing – Valentine’s Day falling on Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent). So, clearly – “LOVE is in the air!”

Let’s zero in on YOU!! What self-love do you practice on you? Do you get a massage? Do you meet up with a good friend for lunch? Do you have an evening hobby time? Do you ‘make’ time in your day to have a quiet sit with a cup of tea? Do you make use of Day Planning – not too restrictive, life happens and interrupts!! But enough, that you have a definite flow to your day with tasks getting done that lead to an accomplished week?

If not, good time to put ‘YOU’ in the picture. Going 24/7 – leads to burnout.

Here are a few tips:

1. Use Saturday or Sunday to plan your coming week.

2. Keep an errands list. (When something ‘pops up’ – you have a place to write it down).

3. Leave room in your day for overflow.

4. Have a “theme” for your day, week, or month. It helps you stay focused. (If an emergency intrudes – handle it; then, get back on your path!)

5. Institute “me time” into your day. Going to a meeting – take a cup of tea or your favorite coffee. Go early and use 10 minutes of quiet time for you. Take the stairs for exercise. Are you the Presenter – drink a glass of water (keep the brain cells happy and other body parts).

​If you need any assistance, please contact me.

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Until next month … each day is what YOU make it!​

3rd Thursday with GJ – Thursday, 15 February 2024 ~ “Love Is In The AIR”