You are mid-way through the month. What is on tap? Working on your new plan? ‘Theme’ your day; ‘Theme’ your week {chose a focus}. If you have no idea what I am talking about – we need to chat, please schedule a 15-minute call!!

I am excited to share a 3rd Podcast link. I was invited to have a discussion with Thanh Pham, CEO of Asian Efficiency in December 2023. Our session aired 8 January 2024 { Click here }. The title is: “Discover How The DISC Personality Test Will Transform Your Productivity w/ Gloria-Jean Brown (TPS490)

​Have you chosen a Word/short Phrase for the Year 2024 (to keep you guided and on track)? Mine is ‘D.A.F.’ (Disciplined, Analytical, Focused)!

Did you take time to review 2023 – what were your WINS in those 365 days?? What do you want to build on in 2024? Do you have your first ‘self-care’ getaway of the year planned … I do – for March! You must take breaks from this high-paced living we are forced to do. Honestly, I do something every quarter. Some events are out of town; others are what we call “stay-cations”. There is plenty to do and see in your area, also. Or, spend a week enjoying your hobby. My new pursuit for 2024 is watercolor. Find something you enjoy or have wanted to do … and schedule relax-time to pursue!!

Don’t forget the “GJ Resource Page” <– Click. Short term coaching is available –> contact me.

All the best … until next month.


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3rd Thursday with GJ, Thursday,18 January 2024 ~ “Happy New Year, Is It?!!”