Happy Holidays!!

Won’t hold you long; have some nuggets for the new year coming.

Do take time to review your 2023!! Was it all you wanted it to be? What do you want to see happen in 2024? What steps are you willing to take to bring that vision to fruition?

Put a little structure into your planning. Designate certain tasks for specific days. Have a day with NO meetings. Design your week for your way of working – for your style! If you don’t know your style – contact me <–{[email protected]} to purchase and take the DiSC assessment {no coaching required … unless you want to add accountability (smiles)}.

Interruptions come to us all – but they should be less when you have ‘crafted’ your day to your style. You are more naturally productive. You know your energy level highs and lows. You know your flow state and how to achieve it. Monday, you have a plan – you start our week strong. Tuesday brings unexpected events and you waiver or even drop our plan altogether. Wednesday, you stop to figure out ‘what happened’ – how do I get back on track? Thursday – much better. You have regained your footing. Friday – you close out as much as you can to end on a good note. All-in-all, the week was OK. But could it have been smoother; more decisive decisions made; you not so frazzled? There is a benefit in ‘self-care’.

And – NOW … the weekend is here. Time to review last week and draft your plan for the coming week. Will you make it past Tuesday … unscathed?

HAPPY BLESSED CHRISTMAS SEASON TO YOU AND YOURS!! Enjoy and have fun and get ready for a tremendously, productive 2024.


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3rd Thursday with GJ, 21 Dec 2023 ~ “Fun Times on The Way to New Reality”