Happy November to everyone. I will share this remembrance piece for your holiday planning and to help remind you to maximize your enjoyment your way!!

Stress-less Holidays in 10 Steps

[You choose who you are with, where you go and what activities you do – make it FUN!]

1. Starting with Thanksgiving – do something to help those less fortunate (give money, give can goods, cook for someone, drive someone to a Thanksgiving event…..something!!) Then, enjoy your day but, in moderation. Enjoy all – but, in small portions – take your time, don’t fill your plate to overflowing. Take time to enjoy the different foods you will be blessed to eat. Enjoy the company of those you are with. If you are normally alone – invite a friend, co-worker, a neighbor, a widow/widower in your neighborhood to eat with you.

2. List the Christmas holiday traditions that are important to you….and do them.

3. Make a list of “work” to be done: Order/Purchase Christmas/New Year cards. Send e-cards [You can select the date in advance for the e-cards to be sent].

4. Make your gift list. Then —- buy, make, ‘find’ wrapping paper and supplies. Or, use Gift Bags.

5. Test your Christmas lights. Find your decorations. Select date to purchase tree.

6. Take care of your out-of-town or out-of-the country gifts that need to be mailed so you can save on postage. Try to mail by 7 Dec to save extra postage and they should receive in plenty of time. Insure any valuables or breakables!!

7. Plan your gift giving within your budget, so you can not only enjoy the holidays; but, the New Year, as well. And not cringe because you overspent in December!! Bake cookies, give a coffee or tea selection, make popcorn and put out in ‘cute’ jars or bowls..

8. Spread holiday cheer with those in need. Give someone’s name to a “Secret Santa”; take some children to the movies, or bowling, or a drive to see the Christmas decorations downtown. Remember – it is the little things that make the difference.

9. Use your calendar to schedule the activities you need to do. Mailing packages, baking, singing carols, etc.

10. Shop for next year’s cards, decorations and some gifts (Bath and Body Works sales, Hummel or Precious Angels ornaments your friends like, etc.) ~ 27-30 December. Put those items in a box and discreetly label, so you can find next November and be ready to do the list again.

Wisdom is ‘to do’ in decency and in order. God will direct your steps and not only will you enjoy but, you will be a blessing to others …and, stay in Peace.

Gloria-Jean Brown

Efficiency/Time Management Coaching

3rd Thursday with GJ – Thursday, 16 November 2023 ~ “Maximize Holiday Fun”