Before Paragraph 3 – our theme this month, I have two important items to share:

  1. Thank You to Paulette Smith, President of FOZA, for inviting me to be on her podcast as we talked about “Overcome Your Overwhelm”, Episode #25! This is the YouTub link –> “Overcome Your Overwhelm” (scroll down, CLICK on my photo in the ad, watch, and listen!!).

2. Start TODAY to develop your 2023 holiday list of not only gifts but celebrations you what to have and attend. Get your decorations out and test all is working. Make reservations for special events. Enjoy the season and do not put yourself in debt to do it!!

Happy October!! What do you need to do? Are things going well? Or, do you need to put some measures in place so you can enter 2024 on a more positive note? Have you considered ‘theming’ – but don’t know how to start? Are you thinking I could use some coaching to get me pointed in the right direction? If so, please contact me!!

You really only have about 30-35 days of really productive time before the kickoff of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. SO – what is it you need to be doing?

What is it you need to reach your target goals? Start with small, quick wins, before gearing up to bigger tasks. What is it you want to achieve? What steps will it take for your success? Break those down into daily actionable tasks; and start DOING!!

What routines and/or systems do you need in place for you to be successful in your environment? Get really CLEAR about YOUR “essential intent” (YOUR desired outcome); then, execute.


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