“SAY SO by GJ” – Special Edition – ‘Get to Work, Productively’ ~ (Covid-19 edition) – 18Mar2020

A lot of you are trying to adjust to not only working from home; but, also, having your children home; and possibly a spouse (FULL HOUSE). Everyone needs space. Everyone has tasks to do. If you are one who normally works from home – – now you have constant companions (smiles).

First thing each morning – get together and map out [brain storm] what must be done that day.

Divide up working space. Set posted schedules for all work time; homework time for children; eating; recreational time; even ~ decluttering time (since everyone is there!!); and family FUN time. Have a room where adults can make necessary work phone calls to clients or join in a conference call ( in relative quiet ).

Weather permitting – go outside for a walk; game of dodge ball; let the sun shine on you for 15 minutes. Each person take turns walking the dog.

Pay attention to your energy levels – something you might not have been able to do in an office/school setting. If you wake up at 3AM and can’t go back to sleep – get up and do some work! Go back to sleep. Should you find you need a nap at 10:30AM – take it for 30 minutes (reset) – get up and get back at it.

Pomodoro ~ is your friend and your family!! You work FOCUSED on a task for 25 minutes; then – take a madatory … 5 minute break. Then – start another 25 minute session. Complete (3) cycles and take a 30 minute break.

This is the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique

This too shall pass! But while we are in the thick of it – make the time as pleasurable as possible. After all ~ you are home with family!!

“Timed Productivity” ~ “3 for YOUR Schedule” – (28 Mar 2019/The Thursday BLOG) #13/52

Sharing a tidbit from “Getting Results the Agile Way” by J. D. Meier – the Rule of 3! You get to choose what 3 you want ~ (smiles all around).

  • Identify 3 results you want for your week.
  • Identify 3 people you want to meet with; or, 3 projects you want to ‘touch’ this week.
  • Identify 3 books; or, podcast; or, newsletters you really want to read or listen to – – then, schedule that time.

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Put A Date On It!! (Scheduling Blog 6)

PUT A DATE ON IT!!  (Scheduling Blog 6)



You have got your plans (today, this week, this month, short-term [within three months] and long-term [1 to 3 years].


Now, ‘put a date on it’!  Yes, make space in your world for it to be done – schedule it!  Far more events and tasks are completed when you actually put them on your calendar. Otherwise, they run around in your brain and clog what creative juices you do have! Give them a home. If they need to be rescheduled – then, do so.


Be sure to schedule quiet time to work out your plans and dates.  Set alarm reminders where needed:  doctor’s appointments, board meetings, child’s soccer game, Date Night with your spouse!


Set time limits for your work. You can do different parts of your entire project – then, put it all together. Or, delegate the assembly, if that applies!


When you have identified your ‘highest energy time’ – this is where/when you schedule the most delicate portions of your project:  budget report, bank reconciliation, book draft, laying out steps for your project, etc.


Build in more time than you think because you will need it. This will ease any expectation anxiety (pressure) and stress.


When you schedule correctly – allowing extra time for the unexpected, and follow through with your step-by-step plan – you won’t have to find time to do it over.