“Timed Productivity” ~ “Get A Grip” – (21 Mar 2019/The Thursday BLOG) w/Quarterly Update #12/52

Happy (1st full day) SPRING!!

We are all familiar with ‘brainstorming’ whether alone or with our co-workers or a few trusted friend(s) – to generate new ideas.

New twist from “Getting Results The Agile Way’ by J. D. Meier – take a “Worry Break”! Write down everything that worries you. What is valid? Can you break down some needed actions into smaller tasks/projects? Then, ask 3 different people for advice to get their prospective. (They aren’t in the middle of YOUR forest)

  1. Break your “worry” into smaller, workable tasks.
  2. Do 1 of their suggestions.
  3. Work out the kinks, and keep it moving.

SurpriseQuarterly UPDATE: the dates coincided, so you get extra this issue. 1. The time management/efficiency kindle book is in process. If you would like to be included with your testimonial – please email me with 1, – no more than 2 sentences as to how I assisted with your efficiency or productivity. (click on email above). THANK YOU!!

2. A thought that I want to share ~ extrapolated from “Keeping the Sabbath Wholly” by Marva Dawn is this: Do take time to “REST” on Sunday. [Refresh, Regroup, Refocus, Recharge your energies]…get off the merry-go-round of noise and connections. Then – enjoy the benefit of your “REST” on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! THEN for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday — anticipate the coming “REST“!

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I am back … but, need your assistance (or, you can forward to an interested person). I am going to be developing a mini-course to help YOU stop feeling overwhelmed with what you have to do, need to do, and want to do.  I need YOUR input to develop a product YOU feel is useful to YOU and for YOU.

 Please respond to this question:  “What is your biggest frustration with accomplishing your daily tasks?”  

Please respond at:  gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com

2 Down; 10 To Go: Finish 1st Quarter STRONG. Where R U?

As we begin this 3rd month of 2017, where are you?  Off target – on target – ahead of target … with your goals and plans. Job environment is on track for your next promotion? Your Department is humming along with progress and helpfulness?  Your clients are beating down your door?   You have more business than you can handle. OR, … you are stuck wondering “What do I do next”? “Why isn’t this working”? “Will I be fired today”?

You are at the beginning of this last first quarter of 2017 – get yourself back in the game. Or, set up for your touchdown!  It is a long way to 31 December … so, get moving.

Call a friend or mentor and talk honestly with them. You are in a good place and you want to grow; or, you are about to fall off the cliff and need a solid plan to reverse and move forward.  Either way, you need to talk with some one. Read the self-help book that is staring you in the face, with its ‘dust’ cover!!

Are you “in your lane” of talent, expertise and vocation?  You can NOT succeed trying to be someone else or trying to do what someone else is gifted to do. Govern yourself accordingly – get YOU moving in your lane.  Your gift makes room for YOU! No one else. You are but 1 puzzle piece in this universe; NOT only do you NOT succeed; but, others are hampered as well.  Because you are out of position.

Do you know your behavior style?  If so, are you working within it to develop your best YOU?  Life should not be a strain to live.  Yes, there will be challenges.  “Stuff” will happen; but, only for a moment.  You will regain your focus and keep moving forward.

Contact me at gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com to request order processing for your behavior style assessment.  If you desire coaching time with me, we can discuss that additionally.

Let’s tune up and head up the mountain of success…for you!

1 Way To Find Out (Analyze Blog 4)

I will do my best to keep this concise and sweet!!  You need to do a time log – how long is it really taking you to do things:  Get out of house in the morning; pull the budget numbers; clean out your closet; fix dinner; run a few errands … do you really know?

A time log is like a budget (where is your money suppose to go) – where is your ‘time’ flying off to, and seemingly – without you!!

I touched on Important versus Urgent in a previous Priority Blog-3.  Is it that you start something and get interrupted; ‘It’ take a turn of its own; You get distracted and start something else — seemingly small, and it becomes an open pit?   We have all been there. But really, how did we get there?

No prioritized to-do list. Appropriate assistance not available.  Have no idea how to do it, but, know it has to get done – so, you dive in.

Remember – once time is spent – it is gone!!

Do a time log for a week and include your weekend personal time, also.


On a piece of paper, with 15 minute increments from 6 AM to Midnight, – write what and when you complete tasks.  Getting ready for work; process of leaving; DRIVE TIME; how long to get settled once at job or business.  Who calls you; who comes and interrupts you. Meeting you have.  How long do you check email and other social media sites (FB, Twitter, LkdIN, Instagram, etc)? Lunch. Afternoon business activities.  DRIVE TIME; evening activities (Church, Sports, Children, Children’s homework, School, Work Reading, …) Bedtime routine.  Prep for the next workday. Times is marching on…where are you?

How do you let technology assist you? Or, how can it?

After you have completed your time log analysis, please come to my Pinterest boards and get assistance in finding YOUR best solution.


Our next step will be PLANNING.


Gloria-Jean Brown – https://coachingbygj.com