“Timed Productivity” ~ ‘Get Pass Procrastination’ (30May19, The Thursday BLOG), #22/52​

​”Get Pass Procrastination”, 30 May 2019, #22 – [The Thursday BLOG] – I do it. You do it. “We” all do it. – – PROCRASTINATION!! What has it gotten you? Stress; anxiety; sleepless nights; not doing your best work; missed promotions? Stop the self-sabotage and start sailing through your life.

  • 1. Take 15 minutes and draft out you most important task. Write the steps you need to do. Schedule them on your calendar.
  • 2. Work in environments or locations that are productive: your back porch; library; bench in the park or just by a window.
  • 3. Don’t multi-task: work on 1 aspect at a time, as completely as you can.

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I am back … but, need your assistance (or, you can forward to an interested person). I am going to be developing a mini-course to help YOU stop feeling overwhelmed with what you have to do, need to do, and want to do.  I need YOUR input to develop a product YOU feel is useful to YOU and for YOU.

 Please respond to this question:  “What is your biggest frustration with accomplishing your daily tasks?”  

Please respond at:  gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com

Didn’t Want to Be Late (Procrastination Blog 11)

Certainly not wanting to be late discussing procrastination, I started this writing 22 days before it will post.


Why do you procrastinate?  Have you really thought about it? Look closely at what you procrastinate about doing?

Is it because of  —  fear; traumatic childhood event; lack of skill? It is NOT about time!! surprised!!!

Taxes – you have to pull together ‘stuff’ you have forgotten.  Where are those receipts? You meant to make a note of that – did you?  Where is it?  You started tracking expenses last year January and February?  What happened?

Annual work budget.  Need feedback from other departments. Still have to notify them you need their input. Where are my reports to pull my numbers?

Annual conference coming up – You have to write your speech.  What is this year’s theme?

Do you wash clothes ONLY when nothing else is left clean to wear?  Rather than:   Friday is laundry day.  Making use of an assigned space and time!

Do you live in a sea of ‘not getting things done’?  Do you think it is only YOU?


We do make TIME for people, events, and things/stuff we WANT to do – so, what is the problem?

You put off what is unpleasant to you; you put off things that are difficult; you put off making ‘tough’ decision.  Address the ‘elephant’ in YOUR room.  ‘We” tend to do 15 other smaller, less important tasks — hoping the ‘elephant’ leaves, it does NOT!!


In order to be fiscally responsible you need to pay your bills and obligations.  In order to do that you need to make sure there is money in the bank to cover the checks you are going to write  … (before you go on your vacation; before you buy the golf clubs; before the dress-shoe-purse ensemble; and now days…before you go to the movies!).  So, when do you allot time to sit down and do the bank reconciliation to KNOW exactly how much money you have?  Do you have a list of payments coming up – renewals, car registration, membership fees, children’s school trip events – the list IS LONG!  How much disposable cash do you have?  Procrastination will have you flying by the seat of your pants. Versus, you know what you have; you paid what you needed; this is what you can spend on fun and relaxation. And, you know what is coming to be paid.


Admit you are stuck. Get assistance – whether from people, technology, or both. Stop doing things that do NOT matter; start building your life around what does. Set up your plan to do it ‘your’ way.   Procrastination can only be solved by positive action. Positive action … not perfectionism.  Take positive steps to remedy YOUR situation; make adjustments as needed to fit you, your business and your family’s lifestyle.