I ran across this article online – “Surprising Things Ultra Productive People Do Every Day” – by  Dr. Travis Bradberry  WOW  –  The secret!!!

Are you ‘ultra productive’? Or, just struggling not to lose your to-do list; let alone check items off?

If you follow me via my daily Facebook and/or LinkedIn tips or even visit my coaching website — you will not be surprised by Dr. Bradberry’s points.   I, too, have been saying the same thing.  His article has thus far received 7,016 likes —YES ~ 7, 016.  BUT, who is doing what either of us says??

Newsflash – if you do, you can be!

Set that goal for 2017 – be ‘ultra productive’.

  • Fight doing what seems to be ‘urgent’. That ‘fight’ makes you let go of the important – life/job/client sustaining goals.  Delegate!!
  • Only give your attention once [ 1x ].  Act, an keep moving.
  • “Eat the Frog”!  By doing the hardest (for whatever reason) task, first; you now free yourself to do the things that interest you. And your elephant has left the room.
  • Do not multitask – you miss stuff and worse — you do not know it!  And, then it is too late.
  • Prepare for tomorrow – today, before you leave your job or business.  Know why you want to return.  Return with answers to a challenge.  This give you PURPOSE.
  • Agenda – have and use one. [your day; meetings; phone calls]
  • Say “No”.
  • Check your email at designated times – stop constantly interrupting yourself.
    • Set alerts for important vendors, clients, customer
    • Prioritize messages by sender
    • Save rest of email for a later stopping point
  • Use technology.

Practice these steps, starting now through the end of the year.  Head into the new year with your defined ‘purpose of efficiency’!

Year-End Special – Please Practice

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