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Hello! It is February. Let’s do a little decluttering: Your written (paper) and digital (computer and mobile phone) communications, Part 1.

Unfortunately – it is non-ending – letters to read and write; emails to send and respond to; and reports to prepare, read, and FILE. And it seems, regular and electronic communication does not stop.

Though there is definitely communication overload – we cannot do without it. Clutter expands and confuses.

1. Paper … 4 things to do (once): handle, delegate, delay or dump.

2. Analyze your documents. What can be eliminated, shortened, modified, combined or otherwise improved.

3. Screen and sort: action, reading, filing and trash/shred.

Ask yourself: Will I really do anything with this? If, “no”. Stop. If “yes”, then ask – When will I do it? Where will I keep it?

Also, develop a system to track details and handle follow-up times.

Next week, Part 2 – Digital clean up.

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“Timed Productivity” – – ‘Cleaning Up: Written and Digital, Part 1’, Thursday, 4 February 2021

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