Hi – hopefully you have taken the beginning steps on the paper side of this decluttering.

Part 2 is about Digital. There are 4 areas:

1/ Desktop — to include your Download folder,

2/ Email,

3/ cell phone main screen [ also, the following 2 or 3 screens – or more],

4/ cell phone notifications.

You should review items you downloaded and put them in a folder, weekly, as part of your review process.

Which current projects or clients or business interest areas are you responsible for? Those should be your notifications. The French language app from your trip 2 years ago can be deleted. Or, other vacation trips (local maps of an area). Also, apps you no longer want to use.

It doesn’t take long to do. You will also gain some precious MB back.

Gloria-Jean Brown

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“Timed Productivity” – ‘Cleaning Up Written and Digital Communication, Part 2’ – Thursday, 11 Feb 2021

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