This is a 2-part dealing with Analyzing YOUR time/task/project:

This process can be divided into 10 steps (the steps from 1 to 5 refer to theIdentification stage). Next week – we will conclude with (the steps from 6 to 10 refer to the Elimination stage).

  • Identify Problem. You need to identify the reason for non-conformance and to define the problem that negatively impacts the project. The problem should be clearly described (What, when, and where has happened? How does it impact the project?).
  • Understand Problem. You need to investigate the problem consecutively to understand what process steps should have been taken prior to the problem occurred. It will help identify possible causes and find “gaps” in the project plan.
  • Analyze Possible Causes. You need to find out what processes could occur if the preferred process was not carried out. A detailed root cause analysis will help identify and understand possible causes of the issue.
  • Collect Data. By collecting the information regarding the problem, you can understand which of the possible causes actually occurred in a way that would initiate the problem.
  • Analyze Data. By analyzing the collected data, you can explore which of the possible causes did or did not contribute to problem occurrence.

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“Timed Productivity” – Analyzing Your Time, Part 1 – 18 February 2021

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