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Welcome to the Inaugural blog of 2019 – as well as – Happy Birthday to me!! Look for me on Thursdays.  This writing will expound, a little, on a topic from this week’s TIPs theme.  Goal is to provide value to you with a short commentary and 3 steps that you can implement each week.  Please share with others.  Please share any topic ideas with me. Let get started on our journey.

As we are starting a new year – realize that it takes times to change your habits.  Be clear about what you want to achieve.  Write out your desired results (What are you working towards?  Why?)   Take on change 1 habit at a time – be intentional about your activities.  Journal your accomplishments –  (list 3 per day).

  1.  Subscribe to newsletter(s) that help you NOW in achieving your   goals.  Unsubscribe from ALL OTHERS.
  2.  Listen to podcast/tapes/books while going to and from work or Client   appointments.
  3.  ReRead books that have helped you meet your goals. Look for new   wisdom!

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“Timed Productivity” ~ 3 Efficient Steps 1/52

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