Happy 1st of May – Surprise!! I just HAD TO SHARE.  You need to up your PRODUCTIVITY.  It is May – 5th month of 12 for 2018.  Where are you in your December 2017/January 2018 goals?  I won’t ask about resolutions (smiles).

To be more productive:

  1. Plan the night before
  2. Work when YOUR energy level is highest
  3. Have a defined Morning Routine
  4. Don’t open email until afternoon
  5. Turn off phone/ computer IM chimes – focus and do what you need to do
  6. Close your door – post a note of the time you will be available again
  7. Use Pomodoro method [work 25 minutes; take MANDATORY – 5 minute break; repeat]
  8. Take an 8 oz.  drink water break; throw in some stretching … on to next task project

Told you – you have heard this before!!  But why are YOU not utilizing these steps?

When you have a 3 task to do list (per day) – you CAN actually get it done.  Or, make significant traction on accomplishment.  Always build in more time than you think you will need – suggestion, double the time.  You can’t get it when you realize you need it … and don’t have it.  Example:  Your drive to office or client is 25 minutes.  You leave – only to get on the main road and there is an accident and you only have “your 25 minutes”!!  We have all been there.  Even another road is now taken up with traffic by those trying to avoid the accident. So, you leave home; it did only take 25 minutes – WOW, what to do with the extra time.  Review your day calmly; draft some notes; review your client’s file ~ so you are on-point with their needs; read; get a glass of water; tidy your desk; quick exercise routine.

Always have a Plan B – just in case.  Have a book to read; puzzle book to engage your mind.  If you have Kindle on your phone – read a favorite genre book you like.  Develop a list of errands – (on your phone, always with you, anyway) – you can do when you find you have extra time or in are in a certain location.  Maybe your client’s cancel and rescheduled.  It isn’t always traffic (smiles).

You won’t make changes until YOU see YOUR need to do so.  When something ‘bugs’ you enough – you do something about it.  It did take a while to find a process; but, I can now zero my emails DAILY in 30 minutes and I have 5 accounts!! And have been doing so since the middle of April.

Here is a goal, from Dallas Willard:  “Ruthlessly eliminate hurry”.

Please – have a happy and productive May 2018.  Plan some summer fun with your extra time.

Gloria-Jean  (GJ) Brown  –  www.CoachingbyGJ.com



You Heard It; Pretty Sure It Works – Why Haven’t YOU??

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