Welcome to week 2 – THURSDAY 10 January 2019. Clear to Neutral (CTN) – sound a little strange. Neutral is your starting point to achieve what you need in YOUR best environment possible.

Going to fix some breakfast —- SKEECH…dirty dishes and pans in the sink!! Had you washed your dishes/pans last night – your kitchen would be ready for you – Neutral. Do you have the food you want to fix ….or, is Food at the grocery store.

There is something that sets your tone for the day – making your bed when you get out of it!! Having been in the military ~ this is a no-brainier for me (smiles). No retreat!! Onward into your day.

You are leaving your office. What did you leave behind? An office desk “cleared” and a post it note with the 3 top items for tomorrow when you come in? OR – a mess of papers and phone call slip of people you have to contact. Did you look at your calendar — any meetings first thing or you will just surprise yourself when you get in?

  • 1. Examine what are your current habits?
  • 2. Where can you introduce “CTN” into your activities?
  • 3. Write out the steps (save in your phone) – – do DAILY to build new productive habits.

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Gloria-Jean Brown gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com

“Timed Productivity” ~ Clear to Neutral 2/52

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