Spring is here – and it isn’t the least bit concerned with what we are going through. Things have CHANGED and will continue evolving. But for most of us – we do have a gift of time. No rush hour traffic. No rushing to get out of the house; or, drop children at school. No electricity loss or snow to shovel.

This is a time to review and re-evaluate what we do, why we do it and possibly – how we can improve on our processes. And though we have ALL been up-ended some sort of way – we may find that we don’t want to return to our ‘old’ status quo. We may be in this ‘home’ holding pattern – longer that we anticipated. So, please DO make the best of this time. For you and for your family.

Practice ‘time blocking’: your work assignements; your children school lessons; time to get out of the house: a walk; a science lesson; exercise warm-up; or just sit in the sun for 15 minutes. Perhaps, a family dinner cooking together time (you are all there).

I know some have thought – I can do some decluttering. Do YOU have a plan? Here is an easy start – get a notebook and then go sit in each room and write a listing of what you want done in that room ( paint; closet clean-out; drawers reorganized; medicine cabinet cleanout; under bathrooom sink… list goes on. This applies to your car(s) and garage. It is Spring!! For those with children – let them help; but, make it fun for them. Everyone can do something.

Use this time to structure and implement the morning and/or evening rituals you have wanted to do. Start a 15 minute exercise routine (You Tube or a phone app). Use your drive time for a new purpose – some may even get 90-120 minutes for something new. Color – start your own zen time of artistic beauty. Jigsaw puzzles for the you and the chidren. Plant a vegetable garden or flowers.

Feel free to contact me for other ideas at gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com. If interested in short term coaching or reading some of my other blogs for ideas, please visit at https://CoachingbyGJ.com

Happy Spring!!!

“SAY SO by GJ” – ‘Spring has Sprung’ ~ 21 March 2020

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