Greetings on this Thursday (9 April 2020) aprox 4 week into ‘home lock down’.

First – Happy Easter celebration to YOU and yours. Take time to be creative and to RELAX and make a new way to celebrate with family and friends and church members.

Be gentle with yourself and others. The universe for that matter. We ALL got thrown a curve; but, let us raise to our best behavior – especially with our house mates.


Plan no MORE than 3 task a day.

Make a schedule for your chidren – for their school work and home chores.

View your week – as a set of 7 days – if something doesn’t get done today, you are 6 more!

Do find time to review and list what REALLY needs to be done; then – select the top 3 priorities and write them in your planner or on calendar. Do weekly.

With a full house: leave room for unplanned events and feelings!! You may feel like you just want to sit on the couch; or pull the covers over your head – do that. This situation is a lot to absorb no matter your status.

Do stay in touch with family/friends [quick Check-in emai; or, text with emoji or gif], and those person who make you laugh.

Hope for the best; but realistically – know that some uncertainty is possible. Stay flexible.

Keep as much normal in your life as you can. We all have to adjust to our new normal and it may not all go back to the way it was. Be prepared.

Don’t judge yourself or others. We are all doing the best that we can. We all have new challenges to adjust and work through each day. It is a new life balance for awhile.

Gloria-Jean Brown

Home Survival – “Timed Productivity” ~ Thursday Blog (come back) – 9 April 2020

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