Hi – WOW 16 April 2020 and you are still home. For most of us, we will ALL be here for another month. Most schooling as we knew it – will be changed going forward. Perhaps, 2 1/2 days in class and 2 1/2 days online – staggered; so all students are not all in the building at the same time. We may need to maintain the 6 foot distancing for another year! Your job – most likely all the offfice staff can not be there – all at the same time. Restaurant may have less seating to accomodate ‘new’ proper distancing!!

Adjust now. Make your own colorful mask (you know that is going to be a part of life going forward)! [20 x20″ material {fold in half}; insert coffee filter in the center-for added filtration and protection; Fold material into center over filter {top and bottom}; 2 rubber bands or hair ties {1 over each end for each ear}; ADJUST for proper fit]

How is your home office set up; and your children study area? Need some better furniture (desk, chair, extra cords or wiring). Make it work comfortably for yourself and family.

Embrace this less strict time and relax. Work – then, read, go for a walk, play a game with your children. Cook some new recipes.

An article I read by Mike Vardy said “productivity is about the relationship between intention and attention”. Where is your focus?

Interested in short term coaching visit my website and connect with me!! What else do you have to do? Got somewhere to go?

Gloria-Jean Brown

“Timed Productivity ~ Home-New Normal, Thursday Blog – 16 April 2020

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