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Hope that you did “Spring … into something” ~ since last Month. And now that we are in Spring and have celebrated Easter – what are YOU building?

I am building!! An opportunity that had been knocking on my door [for 7 months] was finally recognized!! And I have seized upon it. Is there something that YOU need to realize is “calling to YOU”? Where do you need to increase? It could be more peace, stability, business connections, better health habits, – anything your heart desires!!

Search your heart – what are YOU hearing? Investigate! Then, act and build. Need a new job, qualified clients, need larger living space, opportunities for travel; – pray, set your plan in motion, and follow your instincts. There are always bumps in life’s road; follow after peace and you will reach your destination … happily!

In closing – A thought from Francis Wade‘s ‘Remember and share file’ ~ “Coaching yourself is sometimes the only option, and if it is, use best practices to achieve superior results.”

Gloria-Jean Brown


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3rd Thursday with GJ ~ Thursday, 20 April 2023 – “Spring … into something”.