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Greetings!! Happy May. Trust all is well, with visions of vacations being planned. I have 2 in the works and 1 for the last Quarter. And, of course, completed 1 in early March.

But, we are here now to talk about Theme(s). They are a way to keep you focused and on task. A way to name your month, week and day. You can use time blocking and Pomodoro.

Based on your goals, you set your Monthly Theme. Schedule things in each week and/or day. I have Tuesday and Thursday for study days (chapters in a course I purchased or reviewing a time management topic or researching a challenge that a client has). If something unexpected happens – that will take precedence over your normal day.

Nothing is cast in stone – but you have to put strong guides in place to keep your FOCUS while accomplishing what you need. Every month does not need a theme. But your week or days can be designated for maximum effects. Monday or Friday could be an Admin day. Tuesday – a meeting day with clients or client ‘welfare’ call day. Thursday – Social day (make videos; do your podcast; do postings). Try it. See what will work best for you. Also, free your weekends for family and friends and rejuvenate your mind and spirit.

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