First: I was notified on 4 June 2023 that the Coaching by GJ Blog is #30 of 80 Time Management Blogs on FEEDSPOT. So Cool. [] OK … back to business.

I am a Time Management Coach – BUT, Time can NOT be managed!!!!! YIKES. ‘What’s a Girl to do?’

“I will learn to ‘craft’ my time – then”. Make it to be what you need for it to be. When you craft something, what are you doing: shaping, building to your specification or someone else’s? You bring your skill to bear on the subject – in this case, ‘time’.

Do you handle it properly?? Are you focused? Do you schedule important dates and meetings? Do you work on THE ESSENTIALS? Or, are you running around like “a chicken with its head cut off”!!! Then before you know it – the sand is out of the bottle – NO MORE TIME.

Are you making use of Time Blocking, Pomodoro, or Eisenhower Box for determining your important and urgent priorities? It is mid-June and where are you with regard to your January goals? April goals?

NO – I will not need to go out of business. Need some pointers – contact me.

In closing – A thought from Francis Wade‘s ‘Remember and Share file’ ~ “We each have a timed-based productivity system we created in our teens, with little or no formal training or coaching.”


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