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Hello, on the 3rd Thursday of May.

Please remain vigilant as we begin to fully emerge from our shut-down and start to really define “new normal”. Some things have changed permanently. Other activities will continue in hybrid form.

Use your time management skills to set yourself up for success. Get back to the basics. Set solid routines in place, designed for YOU. If you are mentally and physically at your best – you are better able to achieve your goals. Then, you can be of value to others.

Make use of your calendar/planning system. Wake up knowing what your most important tasks for the day are (because you reviewed your needs the night before). Smiles [preparation]

Do your preferred meditation/prayer time. Exercise – get those muscles moving. Eat something healthy and then get going on your task – before interruptions can begin!

Make checklist to keep you on track. Or, a post-it-note to remind you of your 3 main tasks for your day.

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