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Hello, welcome to June’s 3rd Thursday! (Soon at the 2021 half-way point – July. {smiles})

What is ‘essential’ to you? Have you read “Essentialism” – ‘The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’ by Greg McKeown?

Some of my highlights:

  1. Play is essential [in and of itself].
  2. Build a buffer for unexpected events.
  3. Develop YOUR systems – to be as ready as YOU can be.
  4. What slows you down – in accomplishing YOUR goals? Identify and remove what holds back your progress.

Objective: Produce more, by removing more obstacles, rather than “doing” more.

Get your own copy of the book and become strategically ‘essential’ in your pursuits!

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Greetings!! “3rd Thursday with GJ” ~Thursday, 17 June 2021