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As I adjust my timing to my retirement activities, I am spreading my wings to include PROOFREADING SERVICES! I can be contacted via email for submissions and work quotes at: [email protected]

It is a year+ since we started working from home. Are you still there? Will you continue to be working from home? How have you and your family members adapted?

When it comes to staying focused and being productive while working from home, it comes down to five key habits:

You must find ways to keep your focus and still be efficient in your day. Also, to work well with those sharing your space (other adults and children)!

  1. Develop and follow YOUR ‘best’ schedule.
  2. Plan tomorrow at the end of today – list your 3 tasks to start your day.
  3. Let your circle/team know what is going on and what to expect.
  4. Clean up your work space so you are ready for tomorrow.
  5. Don’t ignore the ‘Power of the 3x Rule’ – third time an annoyance occurs – find a solution to the problem.
  6. BONUS: Friday afternoons – review your tasks for this week. Adjust any incomplete items [reschedule or delete]. Review next week to see what is coming (are you ready)?

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