Last Thursday in August 2020 – next weekend Labor Day weekend [beaches, school, still in hurricane season].

Let’s give our productivity a work out-shall we:

  • Review what you need to do and make a plan. Leave a little leeway for the unexpected. Build in some ‘me time’, also.
  • Do you have your designated work area? Do your children have a designated online school area – preferably not their bedroom. They need to experience ‘going to another place’ for schooling. {if at all possible}.
  • Determine your best energy time and use that time/space to your advantage.
  • Try time blocking or the Pomodoro method to focus on your most important tasks. Teach this to your children also. Example: set an AM and PM Time Block (20 minutes) to check email {10:10-10:30; and 3:40-4:00}. If you can, have one day for meetings; or, 2 mornings or afternoons { Tues / Thurs }; so you can have a better work ‘work flow’?
  • Do something each day to brighten your spirit. Open your windows; let the sunlight in; put on some light music; add flowers or a plant. Make plans for a weekend excursion.



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“Timed Productivity” – ‘Let’s Work It’ – Thursday, 27 August 2020

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