Can you believe – in 4 months from today – we will be 5 days from Christmas! Working on that gift list? (smiles). Then, add 6 days – HAPPY NEW YEAR [2021] – life has to get better!

At this point, most children are starting their school year AT HOME, with online learning. Also, most of you are still working from home. Though some might be making a day or two – trip in to the office.

Hopefully, you caught some of my hints, and you have a basic plan of your day and your children’s class time. Everyone should have their own work/class space. That you have gotten better furniture – chair, desk space for the children and YOURSELF. Also, recommended are headphones for the young ones, to help keep them focused and not be too distracted.

Do make a meal plan with all the family members participating; and, making the actual meals.

Hot Suggestions:

  1. Adjust your schedule and your Zoom work meetings times. Be happy for the no commute time.
  2. Have a daily plan and post it on the refrigerator (1 place everyone goes)! Home Command Center.
  3. Use Time Blocking or Pomodoro [work 25 minutes; take a 5 minute break] to keep focused on specific projects.
  4. If something is a problem – on the 3rd occurrence – FIND a SOLUTIUON! Stop suffering and wasting your time.
  5. Just because you are a ‘sitting duck’ does not mean you are to be wired for 8-10 hours on Zoom meeting (with or without children)! You need to break up your day. Get fresh air – however you can. Play outside with children – 10 minutes (jump rope; dodge ball; etc.). Call an old friend and share a joke and a laugh.


“Timed Productivity” – “Can YOU Believe?” – Thursday, 20 August 2020

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