Greetings!! I, the “Timed Productivity” Blog, am back (weekly). Announcing that change is coming. If YOU or a Colleague or a Friend have ANY interest in setting yourself up for meaningful and productive 2021 … YOU have to start now. Short Term Coaching is changing in 2021. This offer is good until midnight 15 September 2020 – 3 months for $600 {paid in advance} [Or, billed (3) monthly payment of $225 {paid in advance}, if you need]. P.S. – last time at this price!! Sign up now before it goes up, up, and away. You can start and be finished before Christmas. Christmas is closely followed by NEW YEARS!! If you have ANY questions you feel you need answered – PLEASE book a free consult call to get them answered ~click here .

Using 2 assessments: Behavior Style and Time Management. Get yourself ready for 2021. WORKING from your STRENGTHS. Learn to set proper priorities; Plan what you need to accomplish; Schedule your plans for maximum accomplishement; Learn ways to handle Interruptions; Learn key steps to Productive Meetings; and, much more.

How do I get things accomplished? Me and my planner!! I have one I really, really like. It is the right size for me. I have added places for cute post-it-notes; a monthly tracking sheet for items I want to be accountable for. I have made it workable for me and it is ‘cute’. Yes – I do some things on my phone; but, I love a paper planner and it can come with me wherever I go. You can do paper, electronic, or, a hybrid of both systems. Set your plan, and planner, up in a way that works BEST for YOU; and, then work your plan.

Ms. Krystal says – “Gloria-Jean’s approach to time management brought the process full circle for me. I was able to move from overwhelm to efficient. It is not just about time management, it is about a lifestyle!!”

That is it for this week.

Until next Thursday … NOW is the “Time” for action – YOURS! Book a call to get questions answered; or, email to sign-up (needed to send you the invoice; and then, the assessment links).


“Timed Productivity” – Thursday, 13 August 2020 ‘I’m Back; but, Changing’

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