June! We made it!! Congratulations to the GRADUATES of 2020. We are emerging from our lockdowns into our new normal that will be evolving for awhile.

3 quick points; an offer; and quick access of my Resource page info.

  • Summer is almost officially here ~ be proactive in getting things done earlier in the day before summer thunderstorms/lighting/power loss pop up and shut you down.
  • Know your priorities and do/work on those first. Handle known printing needs early in the day. Make calls early (clients or appointments to schedule)
  • Stay FOCUSED and complete your tasks – not multi-task and burn your self out. Revise your plans if ‘necessity’ dictates (unexpected emergency).

The offer – sign up for James Clear’s (Author of Atomic habits) 3-2-1 Thursday newsletter – click on this link:


GJ Resource Page:

Do you need an Word Press IT Technician or Web Developer or Software Person – Please contact iMark Interactive (Grayson Bell). Please click here to visit iMark.

ConvertKit – the best email marketing client on the planted. Everything you need. Training is the THE BEST (get gifts; and replay within 24 hours). Customer Service is exceptional. I use this and love it. Try it for yourself – “click here” to experience ConvertKit for yourself.

Your Marketing style:

Interested in knowing your marketing personality? Please click here to take the assessment. {then, SCROLL DOWN, MID-WAY, PASS THE STYLE IDENTIFIERS}


1. IBOTTA – click on this link select you groceries preferences update weekly with new items, ‘hot’ items, or ‘for you’ items.

2. FetchRewards – click here for this offer. (USE my referral code BG8PF at the sign-up screen and you will receive 2,000 FETCH points with your first receipt). You can scan receipts and accumulate points to redeem against various categories.

3. InstaCart – click here for information. Instacart shoppers are excellent. This service has been a tremendous assist during the quarantine. I intend to contine to make use of THIS service

General Shopping:

4. Rakuten – Click on this for the offers. Recommend that you also download the extension for your computer or laptop, so you always receive the remeinder and won’t miss the rebates offers.

5. Arcadia Power – www.arcadiapower.com Solar discounting on your home electronic invoicing: NO EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED to participate. Please 1st check to see if this is available in your area. Read about the benefits and join. Click here on Referral code link

Again – I am sharing these ‘affiliate marketing’ links with you. This means that should you make a purchase, I do receive a small percentage for introducing the link … AT NO additional cost to you.

Gloria-Jean Brown 

gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com https://CoachingbyGJ.com

“Say So by GJ” – Thursday, 11 June 2020 – ‘Coming Out of Lock-down’

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