Happy Summer to everyone. YES, Summer arrived on Saturday.

Short and sweet. Time to plan to finish strong on the second half of the 2020. Next Wednesday is the 1st of July and signals the beginning of the 2nd half.

  1. Plan – take 30 minutes (brainstorm) – draft out what you need to be doing, with whom and your completion date (business and personal).
  2. Schedule those task that need to be. Allow couple days leeway!
  3. Review your day in the evening and readjust where you need for the next day. Lay out papers; or, clothing needed. Get your proper rest and be ready to tackle your new day in the morning.

If you want to finish strong and working from your strengths – Here is my offer: $199 for 2 assessments {Behavioral and Time} includes 2 debriefing sessions – all must be completed in 30 days. Click here (email) let me know you want to be a part/click here to set appointment for your initial session; so, I can assist on getting you started – answer any questions.

Have a happy and safe (mask, wash hands, 6′ distancing) 4th of July holiday.


“SAY SO by GJ” ~ Monday, 22 June 2020, ‘Summer Sunshine and Heat’

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