HAPPY 2nd New Year!!! New beginnings for our old life patterns. All of them are changed in some way. We will be this way for ….. Anyway ~ dust yourself and family off and get started living our new normal. Are you ‘still’ working from home? Will your children be starting school ‘at home’ — you may want to create a real study location for them (little desk/chair, lamp and laptop with their school supplies)? Will you have to go into the office – who will be watching your children – perhaps a neighbor \ hopefully, you have access to a good child-care center \ perhaps, a parent in the neighborhood who can oversee school age groups and assist with their online studies. Home meal plans and menus will be a plus – assign age-appropriate tasks to family members.

I am enjoying revisiting an old favorite from childhood: cutting out and assembling models. Also, develop my own way to color (enhancing the egdes of the pictured objects or quote – with glitter gel pens or variegating the degree of color). What did YOU like to do at 12 years of age?

3 quick points:

  • Are you aware of time wasters in your life? Make a list and commit to stop wasting your own time.
  • Of all the ideas/tips I can share – the best is ‘REST’.
  • A quote from James Clear – ” Action forces prioritization. Something has to be FIRST!” (Is it the right choice?)

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Be safe (wear mask; wash hands/carry hand sanitizer; 6′ distancing) but, have some fun. Drive-In theathers are back in style!! Do ‘stay-cation’ visits near you. Head for the mountains (cool).

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“Say So by GJ” – Happy 2nd New Year ~ Wed., 22 July 2020

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