Greetings … May readers,

Hope all is on track with your ‘new normal’ living and working situations. We are breathing a sigh of relief as daily living is opening up – though far from our life in February 2020 – a mere 3 months ago.

There are new areas of home attention: Decluttering; working from home ‘office space’; organizing family areas; designated home schooling area(s); work ‘conference call’ (Zoom, etc) area(s); schedules; meal plans. These won’t all go away as we are learning. We can not all go back to where we were.

A critical area will be: child care vs adults going back to a work place. As summer is upon us – that may not be critical. Come school year – depending on the attendance plan, it could be. Smaller class sizes; smaller capacity at child care centers; what days children may actual be in a school building; what days you may be in your work office.

Have you looked at Evernote as a way of organizing your documents? Google ‘how long to keep documents’ and as a part of your decluttering – shred old documents to protect your identity. Scan the documents you do need and use a program, like Evernote – via your computer, with iphone/android accessible for items you need at the ready – like car insurance proof; a particular document for a meeting.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend. Be safe: wear your mask; wash your hands and maintain 6 feet distance.


“Say So by GJ” – ‘Living in the NEW’ ~ Thursday, 21 May 2020

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