Greetings – Week 8 of the Quarantine – there is light at the end of our now, forever changed, world (universe).

Praying for us all, daily … no matter your situation. We have seen and learned a lot since 1 March. It seemed in a matter of days we were sent to our homes. Children from their schools. Everything shut down. Now, you could work from home; teach your children with the information packets sent home. Those who needed – were given laptops and hot spots. Parents – each with their own set of conference calls to attend. Schools and colleges launched FULL online learning. There were 3 meals a day to be prepared. So, what did you do with your extra non-drive time?? Write that book? Start your new business? Were you scrambling to re-tool your home business to survive this pandemic? Did you initiate your planning skills for your full house?

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King!” – Desiderius Erasmus

I actually got a few new things in place – InstaCart shopping (I was very pleased with the shopper’s selections); and even happier for the delivery!! This may continue at times after this, just for a nice break. I cleaned up my bookmarks on my laptop: deleted some and organized others into folders. Took advantage of some museuem lecture online, since they were closed (this was a nice refreshing break). And, backed out all the photos on my phone (into a labeled folder, of course).

You break a habit by building a new habit and doing it each day for reenforcing that this is what you really want to doing.

We will be out and about soon; but, now wearing a mask and drawing the 6 foot line to be sure we will be OK. Don’t rush too fast – better to be 6 feet apart; than 6 feet under.

I hope some of the technological changes will be of continued benefit to you and family. All can not go back to the workplace. All children can not go back to school (there may be some half at school/half at home with online learning). Restaurants at 50% capacity. Museums, Movie Theathers, etc. – with limited number of people allowed in at one time. What are we to do with elevators?

Short term (3 months) coaching, {See, you could almost be done!!}, is available. Please email me, if interested and ready.

Gloria-Jean Brown

“Timed Productivity” – ‘It Doesn’t Take Much’ – – Thursday Blog, 7 May 2020

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