Happy Monday (in mid-October 2019)

Well – here we are. In 90 days, we will be in mid-January 2020. Yes – 2020!! Are you ready for the coming decade? Have you thought about Coaching? Mentoring? What do you need? Why? Are you on track with your goals? Are you working at your optimum pace and enjoying good relations with your co-workers and your family.

Are you working from your strengths? Your strength might be that of self-confidence, taking charge; or, accuracy in analysis of a project; or, exhibting patience and a calm approach to a situation; or, enthusiatic optimism for the your work or family team.

Do you feel that you work more from your weaknesses? Afraid to be wrong and thus do not sharing your opinion. Afraid of social rejection and being left out. Think you will lose control if you let others participate. Or, you fear change and loss of harmony. Therefore, your input is seldom acknowledged or used.

Knowing your behavior style and being coached to work from your strengths; to recognize other’s styles, so you can communicate more effectively … is priceless.

How does the quiet, reserved person speak their mind/share information to the forceful manager? Would the direct, sometimes insensitive person, be received warmly by the humble, patient and calm worker? Is the analyst ignored when they try to share their findings that all may not be well in the organization?

We all bring something to the table. But, we are more willing to share our gifts and talents when we are respected and can feel a level of comrodary within our group; be it at work or at home.

This is why working from your strengths is the better option. But, you have to intermix with other in your space. How to best do this so everyone has a reasonably pleasant experience? By knowing your behavior style and being able to recognize the style of those around you. Short-term coaching is for you!

I have two offers for you: one is to purchase your behavior assessment {4 behavior styles: direct; impact; stabilizing; and careful/correct} and after completion – read your (approximate 20 page) report; and I will provide a 15 minute review via a phone consultation call. *Please use this link or go to my website and click on link to schedule an appointment. Or, feeling the need for accountability and a deeper dive – we can set up a 3-month coaching arrangement. You might want to, also, want to take the time management assessment to determine your level of competence (if in a coaching arrangement – I help you work on your top 3 priority areas that you determine). You will also have a report that gives you an overview of the 12 ‘time’ categories {attitudes, goals, priorities, analyzing, planning, scheduling, interruptions, meetings, written communications, delegation, procrastination, and team time}; shares Key Concepts for each; and, an area to draft your action plan. You will receive a ranking in the one of the 5 levels of time management. Please email me (click here) to get any questions answered regarding Coaching. Let’s make 2020 your best yet!!

Gloria-Jean Brown … gloriajean@coachingbygj.com

“SAY SO by GJ” ~ ‘4 Behavior Styles That Need Coaching’ ~ 21Oct19.

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