Happy Autumn – soon 2020 will be a reality. Are you on track to be ready?

  1. Are you going to close 2019 the way you really want?
  2. Are your systems working for you?
  3. Are you willing to invest in short term coaching to get on track?

Do you fear loss of control; disapproval; loss of harmony; or, perhaps – being wrong. I can help you re-discover and learn to work from your strengths: to take action; be enthusiastic; enjoy collaborating; and, utilize accurate procedures.

If you are serious, you can be on your way to YOUR success in 3 months.

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash 

If you know of any Coaches who would like to have access to the DiSC Assessment (USA only) to use with their Clients – please let me know. That is a service I am providing.

GJ Client Testimonal: “Gloria-Jean has inspired me to take a step back, get an overview of my situation, and adjust one simple thing to make my time management more efficient. She has saved me from wasting valuable precoius time just by making a few little changes”. Lisa S.

New e-Book is available on Amazon ~ “365+ Tips To A More Efficient YOU (How to Increase your Efficiency by 55%)”.

Productivity tips in 7 categories: Analyzing, Planning/Scheduling, Procrastination, Email Control, Efficient/Productive, Goals/Habits, and General. PLUS, bonus topics: Meetings and Team Work. Over 365 tips, when applied with reflection and focused discipline, will enable you to increase your efficiency … as high as you want. Be intentional in the pursuit of YOUR goals and aspirations.

Be sure to still follow my tips 3x per week on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. But, better yet engagement me to coach you, in your way of behavior, to better equip yourself to reach YOUR goals. Click here for more information.

Remember ~ You can only control YOU. Be intentional and focused, so you can do your task one time. If you need assistance, let me help YOU! <–click

Gloria-Jean Brown gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com  www.CoachingbyGJ.com 

“SAY SO by GJ” – 20 Sep 19

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