“Timed Productivity” ~ ‘Swamped? – – – Delegate!’ (The Thursday BLOG, 4July19, #27/52)

“Swamped? … Delegate! (The Thursday BLOG, 4July19, #27/52).

  • 1. The person you delegate should be given not only the responsibility to complete the assignment – but, the AUTHORITY.
  • 2. The goal is complete the task – they may not …and, probably will not…do it the same as you. It is okay.
  • 3. Do – responsibly – check on the progress along the way. There are ways NOT to micromanage! Use them.

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Whose Got Your Back?? (Delegation Blog 10)

Consider how you will manage your project BEFORE you begin.  Will you need help? When/where will you need help?  People help or technology?

When the time comes, get the correct help – people who are skilled in what you need — not just a warm body!!  You ARE ultimately responsible for the project’s outcome. Decide on the controls you need and valid progress checkpoints (no micro-managing), before the Delegate is selected.

Write the steps that you need to have accomplished.  Review with your ‘Delegate(s)’. Answer any questions they may have (always leaving the door open for future clarification where/when needed). Have them sign it – as a show of acknowledgement of what you want done and have discussed with them.  This protects both parties.

Important aspects – Responsibility:  the job assignment;  Authority:  right to act and make necessary decisions;  Accountability:  answering for actions (reward and punishment, it necessary).

Let me point out the levels of authority.  There are 8.   1) Delegate fact finds, you decide; 2) Delegate suggest alternative, you decide; 3) Delegate recommends an alternative, you decide; 4) Delegate make a decision, waits for your approval; 5) Delegate decides and acts unless you say ‘no’; 6) Delegate acts, reports results to you; 7) Delegate acts, reports if unsuccessful; 8) Delegate acts, reporting not needed (highest authority).

Please be patient with others ~ in that they will most likely have their way of doing things ~ your interest IS the end result.  Don’t stress – learn to live with the differences.