Are you ready to roll into September and out of December? … it will happen in a flash!! “2023

Will you be looking back – yet again – where did the year go?

First – Let your hair down and relax and have some summer fun!!! But, while you are relaxing -spare some time for PLANNING!!

What goals do you want to reach by November? (Knowing December is a lost cause – it is the set-up for January)!!

Second – strongly consider developing YOUR “Rise Ritual” [your first 90 minutes] – to start your day with your tasks aligned (prioritized) -“Your daily target(s)” AND asking yourself “How will I know I have had a productive day? – – – Did you accomplish your daily targets? Also, develop YOUR “Shutdown Ritual” – end your day with prep for tomorrow. Then, go enjoy your evening with friends and/or family (recharging). Stop burning the midnight oil!!

Need help with either Ritual set-up or answering ‘THE’ question – email me.

Gloria-Jean Brown


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