We made it. Happy Holiday Season 2022. I wish for everyone to have a delightful holiday time this year. Be safe and have fun with friends and family. I will be back in the New Year of 2023. {17 January} Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year … and Happy Birthday thoughts (to me) on 3 January!!

I will leave you a couple of winning techniques to end your year and get started on solid footing for 2023:

Always work from your best energy – handling your hardest tasks when your energy is highest. Develop your plan based on your priorities. Delegate where necessary. If a process is no longer needed – STOP doing it. Make use of technology that helps you streamline your systems. Then – just DO IT!!

Remember the pace of your life is, for the most part, the results of your decisions. Stephen Covey said, “You will never be able to say ‘no’ until there is a greater ‘yes’ burning inside of you.”

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3rd Thursday with GJ, Thursday, 17 November 2022 ~ “Winning Techniques”