Have a little assignment for you. Google ‘wheel of life’. It is a free download. Complete the wheel for yourself. How smooth is your wheel?

You may actually have anywhere from 15 (low) to 25 (high) hours a week that are not involved in sleeping, commuting, job, family, cleaning/chores, and church/charity.

What do you really want to do with your ‘free’ time?

​With a good understanding of your plan, by you – you can be more focused in what you intend to accomplish. It is not your lack of time but rather your execution of the time within your day.


What you Do, Decide, Delegate and Delete is the key {look at the Eisenhower box}. The time you spend multiplied by your ‘focused’ intensity is how you can conquer your day and accomplished your goals.


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“Timed Productivity” – ‘You Do Have Time’, Thursday, 3 Sep 2020

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