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​Let’s finish up with this Part 2 conclusion on “Managing Your New Year”:

We have competing selves and competing commitments. On the one hand, we may truly be health conscious and want to maintain a set of healthy standards. On the other hand, we are also committed to having fun and enjoying life. These two values may compete for our attention, and usually the goal of immediate pleasure will win out over delayed satisfaction.

We may value family life and work hard to give our family things that provide pleasure and comfort. But what happens when our commitment to work and financial success interferes with spending time with children and spouses? What about our sense of orderliness? What happens when the focus on just getting things done overrides getting the most important things done?

Try to identify 3-5 values and priorities that motivate you strongly. Then identify any competing values that also must be satisfied. Once you identify your strongest desires, and the competing drives that vie for your attention and focus, revise your goals and priorities to honor both sides of your personality. Set realistic goals that will allow for both sides of your competing values.

6. Reward Yourself

7. Track Your Progress

8. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

9. Stick to it

10. Keep Trying

Gloria-Jean Brown

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“Timed Productivity ~ ‘Managing Your New Year, Part 2’ – 14 January 2021

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