“Clear to Neutral’ ~ “Super-sized”, (The Thursday BLOG, 27Jun19). Leave yourself in the best place to start again.

  1. Make your bed when you exit ‘it’ in the morning.
  2. Wash your dishes/cooking utensils when you have made a meal; note on grocery list -on refrigerator- any food you need to purchase (replace what was used up).
  3. Clear your desk of papers and books and notes and junk, etc. Be ready to sit down and work when you return.

Have you determined if you – “Are You Out of Control“? <– click the link.

Gloria-Jean Brown  gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com

“Timed Productivity” ~ ‘Clear to Neutral’ ~ “Super-sized” (The Thursday BLOG, 27Jun19, #26/52)

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