Happy July – – Everyone!!

Partial correction – the FEEDSPOT link was not as active as it should have been!! My apologies.

“I was notified on 4 June 2023 that the Coaching by GJ Blog is #30 of 80 Time Management Blogs on FEEDSPOT. So Cool.” {Hyperlink is functional – now.}


I had to find my own way and reason. I don’t want to half-listen and I am quite comfortable in my own head – so I am quite particular ‘who’ I will listen to. I don’t even have music on my phone. Everybody – so it seems – has a podcast. Like television (how many shows can you watch) – how many podcasts can you listen to? Even I have a series out there – “Take Back Your Time with GJ”! (Spotify/Anchor) {take a listen}!

But what are you listening to? And, more importantly – WHY? Is the information improving you in a meaningful way?

My decision to listen to select persons is now occurring because I am a part of their community, and I have space when doing a particular keyboarding task that affords me time to listen – and so I do.

Podcast<– Click Gloria-Jean with Coach G of Positively. Motivating. Sisters. with Purpose. Meaning. Style. (P.M.S.) Episode 67 – Behavioral Styles & Time Management Tips for an Efficient YOU!!



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