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We made it!! Meteorological Autumn has arrived. Are you able to find all the paper, receipts, and notes that you have saved? Can you send a receipt to your accountant? Let’s not go into 2022 with this needing to be updated.

There are many ways – you could even start with Excel.

My software of choice is EVERNOTE (since 2017). Though I have not always used it to its full capacity; Evernote’s capacity has been upgraded and enlarged. Evernote’s mission – “remember everything”. Evernote: capture anything; keep it all together; find it fast; and, take it anywhere. You may want to do so…now.

The best tool is one that you will use!!

New pricing plans are available – Yes, there is still the FREE version. New: Google calendar integration. Ability to make a task list. Evernote, now, has a TEAMS product.

Time to evaluate where you are and what you are using; then, REALLY get ready for 2022. Do you need to upgrade to keep up? Or, put into use some of the apps you have already downloaded? Your choice.

Look for efficient and productive methods to achieve YOUR goals, both business and personal!

Gloria-Jean Brown


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