My tips are for YOU to develop YOUR way to be more productive. So find what you will work with and use. Tweak what you do have to make it work for YOU! Otherwise, you will keep spinning around YOUR mountain.

YOU must develop YOUR own system or even a RITUAL to solidly accomplish YOUR daily tasks.

  1. Using a small pocket-sized notebook.
  2. Use of a software program to ‘dump your brain’ – with all the categories YOU need to set for YOU. My personal recommendation is TRELLO, (can access from any device).
  3. Make use of your phone contact section for YOUR special notes/reminder – passwords, a friend birthday day or anniversary, order numbers, if you need for a call-[under the company contact card]. Contacts are alphabetical and you can assign your our code. You always have it with you!

Want to organize your life: work and /or personal? Even develop a shared grocery list resource? Write and access meaningful notes and instructions. Have a team? This is a fun and easy way to stay on top – click recommendation link –> TRELLO

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Gloria-Jean Brown

“Timed Productivity” ~ Time Tune-UP – (21 February 2019/The Thursday BLOG) #8/52

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