Greetings – We are almost there. This is the last newsletter/blog for 2020. A Blessed Christmas is wished for each of you and your families.

  1. Perhaps, planning 3 months at a time will work better for you. You can be more focused. You could ‘theme’ your year; then, break it into quarters with different levels of achievements. Build your own systems.
  2. Where are you now?
  3. What is your starting point?
  4. Routinely review your goals (…on track? / need to adjust?)
  5. Have an accountability partner.
  6. Document your progress.

A standing CTA [call to action] for you. Please Email me for pricing information:

  • Order a Time Management assessment or a twin package of Behavioral and Time Management assessments. Each provides an aprox 20-page report.
  • If you are looking for accountability – sign up for short term coaching (3-4 months). Let’s partner to help you reach your goals based on your behavior strengths!!

Be safe (wear your mask; wash your hands; maintain 6′ distance) and enjoy this season with family and friends (use Zoom).

selective focus photography of fireworks display at night

Gloria-Jean Brown​

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“Timed Productivity” -‘Ready, Set, Go With Confidence’ ~ Thursday, 17 Dec 2020.

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