​”Get Pass Procrastination”, 30 May 2019, #22 – [The Thursday BLOG] – I do it. You do it. “We” all do it. – – PROCRASTINATION!! What has it gotten you? Stress; anxiety; sleepless nights; not doing your best work; missed promotions? Stop the self-sabotage and start sailing through your life.

  • 1. Take 15 minutes and draft out you most important task. Write the steps you need to do. Schedule them on your calendar.
  • 2. Work in environments or locations that are productive: your back porch; library; bench in the park or just by a window.
  • 3. Don’t multi-task: work on 1 aspect at a time, as completely as you can.

Link to 5-day course: Procrastination, Be Gone: <– click.

Gloria-Jean Brown  gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com

“Timed Productivity” ~ ‘Get Pass Procrastination’ (30May19, The Thursday BLOG), #22/52​

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